‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Estelita Goes There

Last night’s LHHATL episode caused a bit of a stir on social medial when Erica Mena and Just Brittany hurled racially charged insults while meeting with Mimi Faust about a Danger Zone showcase.

During the sit-down, both Estelita and Just Brittany lost their cool as they argued over who would headline. At this point, Brittany said, “Please, let it be a Danger Zone show headlining Enchilada.”

Estelita angrily replied, “Enchilada. Okay Sheneneh.”

After the show aired, people called out Estelita for calling Just Brittany the insult. Well, not long after the criticism began rolling in, Estelita replied on Instagram.

She says she felt insulted by being called a Mexican dish. She also insuinated that black people like to pull the race card.

Check out the post below.

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  1. If Mona doesn’t get this fake a-s, great value version of Joseline the f-ck out of here.For her to even type this bullsh-t when she’s on a platform black women made popping is bold as f-ck. I’m glad this sh-t is flopping this season.

  2. Huh? Just bring Joseline back please. This girl does nothing for the show. There’s nothing interesting or original about her.

  3. I just said on here this morning that I wouldn’t be surprised if she said something shady about black women and here we are. I honestly don’t even have to watch the rest of this season. She could have left it at her first comment and that would have been fine. But when you’re a woman of color accusing other people of pulling the race card, you’re beyond trash to me. So yeah, I guess I’ll just read the recaps from here on out. Let the Estelitas of the world support this trash.

  4. I think Just Brittany was wrong to call her Enchilada. But my thing is why make these kind of comments? She feels like black women play the race card all the time? Really? How? If she has such a disdain for us, then maybe she shouldn’t be on a show that a black woman created.

  5. This right here is the kind of stuff I reference when people try to pretend there’s some kind of solidarity between people of color. Anyway, just like Miami, people will complain but these kind of people won’t be punished. You only get fired if you come for the gay community.

  6. I would love to know what Mona was smoking when she thought that this person could actually replace Joseline. LOL.

  7. This woman is ignorant. Does she not realize she’s not a white Latina? Racists don’t care for her type either. So she can chill out using their rhetoric.

  8. This bish looks like an Afro Latina to me. But she seems like the type that won’t ever acknowledge her African ancestry. She’ll cling on to J-Lo for dear life like they look the same. That’s why Amara is the bomb to me. She embraces her blackness and some people tell her she’s doing too much. Naw, she actually loves her African roots. That’s dope.

    1. She can’t sing, can’t dance has no stag presence, she needs to find another job cause as an entertainer she sucks. She’s a bobble-head.

  9. She tried it. I sided with her because Just Brittany called her Enchilada but she’s lame as h-ll for this card playing comment.

  10. Both of them are in the wrong on the episode… but she could’ve kept quiet and not posted anything… Btw where’s Joseline at h-ll I miss her. Joseline have been quiet since this show aired… normally a person not on the show usually make comments on the ratings going down or the show failing cause I’m not on it anymore…

  11. They attacked just Brittany soon as she arrived Erica and estilita they was threatened.first lady my ass where is her music both of them can’t sing for Stevie to be in the music business I forget that he is talent but he so many untalented a** people around him no real artist will take him serious I think he mad cause Brittany wouldn’t sign with him. Estelita need to keep her mouth closed calling Brittany shenene that caught my eye right their on how she think of black women at least Brittany did put some music out the only thing estelita will put out is sex. stevie j sex drive tops the charts with auto-tuned singing women I rather listen to a bag full of cats rather then here estelita are Erica sing she riding off of blk women keep on we the most imitated and the most hated and I am good with that.

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