Paula Patton’s New Boyfriend Responds to Homewrecker Accusations

Paula Patton has been busy promoting her latest film, “Traffik.”

However, her love life is getting more attention than the movie.

And it’s all because her new boyfriend happens to be a married man.

Zachary Quittman, a real estate agent based out in Malibu, now lives with Paula despite them only dating for a month.

The actress says they are in love but sources claim Quittman is married and being married did not stop the romance.

Quttman himself is now addressing the gossip and he claims that he was separated before things got serious with Paula.

This is what he had to say to Radar Online:

Well, technically we are still married.

But I’m separated, and have been for a while now.

My marriage was completely finished before I moved on. That’s the truth.

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  1. He’s just using her but hey if that’s what she like cool… how u get the man is the same way u lose him…

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