RHOA Recap: Kim Gets Destroyed + Says Racially Insensitive Comments During Breakdown

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Part three of the season ten reunion of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” ended on a very controversial note.

Kim pretty much got dragged by just about everybody, except Porsha and Sheree.

This led to her having a breakdown in the bathroom and fuming over NeNe calling her racist by actually saying some racially insensitive things (go figure).

Here’s the recap of “Reunion Part 3.”

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  1. This part should have been the entire reunion. I’m so glad Kim was exposed! I don’t want her to be on RHOA ever again.

  2. I never thought I’d see the day that Nene and Kenya would actually team up and take down Kim. Well done. And I have to side eye anyone who still doesn’t think Kim is racist.

  3. The thing that irritated me the most is Kim really told Andy no other white woman would do RHOA like a white woman is needed on the show in the first place. RHOA is one of the most watched shows on Bravo. And the ratings didn’t drop until Kim came back.

  4. Never liked Kim – thought the Big Poppa ish was disgusting -never felt she was genuine with any of them – including Sheree sunken place a#$… The only time she tried to get someone to calm down was when Kenya was taking Kim down. Kim dont like these ladies – only did the bare minimum filming with them – and that was to get a check. All she did all season was talk badly about people then dont want them to confront her – girl bye. No one cares about the fake friendship with Sheree – its the sh-t talking you do with her and she dont bring your bones to the group – only their bones to you. That why her boring no story line – no fashion line a#$ got fired. So glad everyone got you together including Andy…

  5. This part was EVERYTHING. I never thought the producers would drag Kim the way they did. Especially when she’s been their favorite for years. I honestly think NeNe came out on top, then Kenya. I say NeNe because she used her brain and realized the best way to take out her enemy was to team up with Kenya, Kandi and Cynthia. Now Kim can never come back on RHOA. The breakdown in the bathroom was also receipts on Kim’s racism. Now Kenya is a runner up because this reunion probably saved her peach. And Porsha is in third place because she wasn’t really the target this time like she has been all season.

  6. Cynthia surprised me. I didn’t expect her to drag Kim like she did. I lost it when she said Kim loves to flap her lips about other people but gets made when people say something back. Hilarious.

  7. I always thought Kim was racist but I thought it was like white liberal I would have voted for obama a 3rd time type racist! But watching this she is full white woman racist! She said all this in front a camera? Imagine how she speaks in private? After watching the last 5 minutes I know she uses the n word with the hard ER at the end??‍♀️ Anyway bye wig??

  8. I see Team Twirl is lurking and going in on this poll. Anyway, I think NeNe won this reunion. She was able to expose a lot without even saying it all in words. She proved that Bravo gave Kim a show because she’s white. She proved Kim really is racist. She proved that Kim is a liar and Sheree is a fool. And she had a lot of backup. NeNe won hands down.

  9. Boring season but this part made up for that. I don’t think people will ever forget that Kim said racism wasn’t really real until social media. And that no white woman would be dumb enough to be on RHOA.

  10. Kenya is the Queen of Reads. She graduated from being the Shade Assassin. I’m here for her and Nene finally being friends.

  11. I think Porsha won this reunion. While everyone else was dragging, she made up with NeNe and Kandi. So she secured her peach and didn’t have to do much at the reunion. But I want people to remember Porsha wasn’t defending Kim. She said she was just stirring the pot and keeping the mess going. Kim was too dumb to see that though.

  12. Sheree is cancelled for sitting there and saying nothing when Kim said all that ignorance about racism. I’m convinced she’s in the sunken place.

  13. Y’all better enjoy this Nene and Kenya truce while y’all can. They will not like each other again in season 11.

  14. This poll tho. Some of y’all really think Cynthia won the reunion when this is the most she’s ever done at a reunion? Um ok then.

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