BBW Season 7 Tea

Jennifer Williams and Tami Roman Beef?

Season six of “Basketball Wives” was pretty much driven by the beef between Evelyn Lozada and Jackie Christie.

Things went left after both made some messy comments about each other’s parenting.

They almost came to blows, and even though their feud is far from over, there’s another beef brewing on the upcoming season.

In a promotional video for VH1, Jennifer Williams reveals that she ends up clashing with someone unexpected during season seven.

While she never named the person she falls out with, it’s rumored that the person Jenn will clash with is actually Tami Roman.

Check out the video below. The show returns Monday, May 14th at 9/8c.

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  1. All that sh-t Tami talked when Evelyn first came back about how much she would’ve rathered Jen to return than Evelyn and now that the girl is back she beefing with her smh. Tami & Jen became really close over the years and I guess now that Jen & Evelyn BFF’s again Tami feeling salty.

  2. I wish Tami would have stuck to quitting. She’s the most bitter person on the show and always has been.

  3. That’s not even a good match for a fight, they’re not in even in the same weight class so to speak. Jen is a feather weight compared to Tami. To me Tami is all mouth, she has never even bit wind just like Ev used to be jumping across tables to air. They ain’t about it for real, therefore, Tami & Jen sparing is going to be corny….

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