Monique Samuels & Ashley Darby Exchange Shots on Social Media

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the current season of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” a couple of friendships may be ending.

Monique Samuels is not only at odds with Charrisse Jordan, but she’s also not in a good place with Ashley Darby.

Apparently her fallout with Ashley has to do with the latest episode.

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  1. Ashley is many things but she’s not a liar. Monique better drop it before she gets exposed even more.

  2. Monique is a liar. She already lied about that fan page now she’s trying to lie about her obvious drinking problem. I’m so over her.

  3. Did Monique forget that we all saw her husband warn her not to drink too much during the trip? Now why would he say that if she doesn’t have a drinking problem? LOL

    1. This! Even Chris asked her to chill out. And what did she do not too long after? Drink a bottle of wine!

  4. If Monique don’t sit her drunk a-s down somewhere. She’s always drinking and her a-s could have killed herself and someone else driving when she knows she’s been drinking. She’s already little as h-ll so two drinks can do a number on her and make her drowsy enough to crash her car. She needs to stop deflecting. She has a problem and it ain’t nobody’s fault but hers. Ashley has her own problems. She ain’t got time to babysit Monique’s grown a-s.

  5. Production has already clocked the tea. Especially when Monique has already shown she loves to drink a lot. So I doubt Ashley is lying.

  6. Okay so if Monique isn’t cool with Ashley anymore, who will she film with? Candiace may only get one season and that would mean Karen would be the only one left who tolerates her.

  7. I don’t believe Ashley for one bit. So you mean you would let your friend drive drunk? Not believing it one bit. One thing I noticed about Ashley is she loves to embellish

  8. Monique actually said Ashley asked her if she was okay to drive and she said yes. So why is it Ashley’s fault Monique crashed? At the end of the day, when you’re a mother and wife, you have to always make the best decisions for you and your family. This is all on Monique. And the fact that Chris asked her to not drink on the trip shows that he’s aware she drinks too much.

  9. Oops, there it is. Ashley is not one of my favorites but she’s not a liar. Monique is like most drunks… in denial.

    1. Lies and more lies Ashley the producers wouldn’t let her Drive Drunk. That’s a liability and lawsuit all day. If she would have hit someone then the production company could have been sued.

      1. Umm actually, that’s not true. MTV sat back and watched Ryan from Teen Mom drive while he under the influence of pills. He almost crashed the car. The cameras continued to roll anyway. You’ll be surprised at what a lot of these networks/producers won’t stop. Y’all are going to have to learn that these networks don’t care about these reality stars. The only thing they care about is ratings. Monique has a drinking problem. So much so her own husband asked her to calm down on drinking. Later that day she got drunk off wine. All the producers can do is film what these people willingly give him. Hold Monique accountable. It’s okay to hold her accountable. She’s a mother and she needs to get it together for the sake of her kids. No one should be driving after they had two drinks. Especially not someone as petite as her.

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