Emily B Reunites with Fabolous + Drops Restraining Order

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago, Fabolous and Emily B made headlines because it was reported that Fab allegedly knocked out Emily’s teeth during an argument.

Then video of the rapper going off on Emily and her father went viral. In the video, Fab can be seen making verbal threats to both and brandishing a sharp object.

Emily also filed a restraining order as a result of the incidents.

However, it appears Emily and Fabolous have reunited.

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  1. She’s a dummy but she’s been his dummy for many years. Some women just don’t believe they deserve better. And that’s a personal problem.

  2. Emily has low self esteem. Her actually leaving him and going through with pressing charges would have been a major shock to everyone. But this right here is expected.

  3. Emily does not love herself. She needs therapy and people around her to hold her accountable. But I’m sure most of her family tolerates Fab’s mistreatment of her because of the lifestyle he provides.

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