Tammy Rivera Says God is the Reason She Stayed with Waka After He Cheated

Former LHHATL star Tammy Rivera chatted it up with the Breakfast Club crew recently.

She was asked about clapping back at critics of her marriage on social media and this is what she had to say:

The crazy part is I get more backlash for working it out with my husband than I did for leaving him. And it’s crazy.

Charlamagne then interjects and says people are supposed to stay true to their vows and work out their issues. Tammy agreed.

Tammy also revealed that she decided to work things out with Waka because she felt like it was her purpose spiritually to make him a better man.

And I’m not perfect. I’m not justifying him…it was a spiritual battle with my husband. I was sent to him. I was sent for a mission, for a reason. People are not going to understand that. For me to try to break that down, it doesn’t make sense.

The first time I met my husband, he told me, ‘You’re going to be my wife. God told me I have to be with you.’

A guy came to fix my house one day. He came to fix my heating unit. And before he left out, I swear I’ve never seen this guy again…he said, ‘You think you’re here for yourself. God sent you here for a reason. And it’s not about you. You came here to deliver.’

And I never understood that til 30 years later.

She explained that she is certain she was sent here to “deliver” Waka.

He’s a different person. He’s growing and learning. We’re both growing and learning.

More tidbits:

She confirmed that she is done with LHHATL. She has her own show on the way with Waka. It’s not a Mona Scott Young production. In fact, they are producing it themselves with a partner. They started filming this month and a few networks are already interested.

Her swimsuit line is doing well. It brought in over a million dollars last year.

Tammy’s singles are doing very well. One even went platinum.

And she’s done clapping back at people on social media about her marriage.

Check out the full interview below.

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  1. I really doubt Waka would have stayed with her if she cheated on him. But okay. Make it sound deep I guess.

  2. Yeah, I don’t think that’s what that man meant. A woman’s purpose is not to tolerate a cheating spouse and teach them to become a decent human being. Waka is an adult. He already has a mother.

  3. Black women are the only women who are expected to think like this. While we’re so busy raising grown a-s men, other races of women learn from a young age that it’s not our job to build up a man. He’s supposed to come already assembled. That’s why so many of these wealthy businessmen met their wives in business or in school.

  4. She sounds silly. She stayed with Waka because she wanted to. That choice may have been influenced by her religion but being with Waka is not her whole purpose in life.

  5. Nah. Sounds like Waka gamed her naive a-s. Some men will talk about God just to weaken a woman’s defenses and make her ignore common sense. Now Tammy’s gullible a-s is walking around here thinking she’s some saint when it’s already been said that Waka is still cheating. You ain’t deliver him sis. He’s still the f-ck boy he was when you met him. It’s her life though.

  6. People love to bring up God when it’s convenient but they don’t like to talk about everything that’s actually in the bible. A husband is not supposed to cheat on his wife. And a husband is supposed to be the head of the household. So how can he be the head when he needs the woman to “deliver” him? You can tell that most of these so called spiritually woke people don’t actually read scripture. They just use God to defend their lazy life choices.

  7. For real Tammi, ain’t nobody going to find fault with you for trying to save your marriage but, please spare us the bulls***. You don’t have to do all that. It is what it is. You wanted your husband back & the good Lord willing he will now be a good husband to you & Charlie. Good luck.

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