BBW Recap: Jackie’s Still Furious With Evelyn + Evelyn & Tami Reignite Beef

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By: A.J. Niles

Last night was the season 7 premiere of “Basketball Wives.” And during the premiere, lots of shade was doled out, especially by Evelyn and Tami. Old beefs were also reignited.

Viewers see what the OG’s have been up to since the ending of season 6, including Shaunie getting into the weed business. Malaysia also introduced viewers to her cousin Byron Scott and his family. Malaysia and her family hosted a party to introduce them to the OG’s, but Jackie was focused on not interacting with Evelyn.

Well, that is until her daughter Chantal wanted to extend an olive branch to Evelyn.

Here is the recap for, “Episode 1.”

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  1. You can tell Tami hated Evelyn last season. She did everything possible to side with Jackie when she knew good and well she would have been under the jail if Jackie called one of her daughters a hoe. Tami likes to pretend she is so real but that made me realize how fake she actually is.

  2. I’m not understanding why Tami is so pressed about Evelyn. Tami always talks about how booked she is so why is Evelyn always getting under her skin all the time? She doesn’t even want Evelyn to have any friends. Like she really got mad that Jen and Evelyn made up. Her behavior is obsessive and sad.

    1. I’ll bite. I think Tami is jealous of Evelyn. Think about it. Tami wanted a rich man to wife her up and take care of her. Instead, Kenny played her and wouldn’t even pay child support for years. She basically had to take care of their kids on her own after the divorce. So she had to struggle and didn’t get the lifestyle she wanted. Now Evelyn, she’s been taken care of most of her adult years. Her ex fiance Antwan spent every dime on her and helped her get her own store. Chad spoiled her until he head butted her. And even Carl is still taking care of her even though they broke up. She’s still living in one of his houses, uses his private jet when she wants and he pays her more money in child support than he does his other baby mama. Evelyn does BBW because she wants to. Not because she has to like Tami. Add that to the fact that Tami is basically the breadwinner in her current relationship too. When you’re a woman who has had to hustle and provide for yourself and kids for so long and you notice another woman doesn’t have to work as hard because her looks continue to carry her, you may end up feeling some kind of way too. That’s the main reason Tami is always talking about what Evelyn is doing with her mouth and c–ch.

  3. I just wanna know if Evelyn slept with Shaq??? Cause if she did wow… but Jennifer ex husband tried too warn them about her ijs. So Tami knew a whole year about Evelyn sleeping with the ex. But Evelyn wanna say the supposed to be your friends they knew about it… It couldn’t be I walk around that damn table and ask her is it true she say yes… my hand would’ve connected too that face. It’s the fact u could’ve told me but u was telling everyone else about it…

  4. None of these women (Evelyn, Jenn, Tami, Shaunie) are friends. They stab each other in the back and only have alliances to film this show. Outside of that, they don’t care about each other.

  5. It really seems like they are going to try to take Tami down this season. Why did she agree to come back to this?

  6. I don’t care about Tammi anymore, she’s full of crap. She’s just like Evelyn a loud mouth bully who ain’t gonna swing on a grape. No reason to be jealous of Evelyn, she’s a tramp plain & simple which is why no matter whom she’s with she always winds up alone. Now Jackie on the other hand is a coward and I’m done with her bull crap as well, she needs to get stomped so, she can stop acting. Ain’t nobody scared of you jackie, spineless a$$ cow.

  7. No matter how successful Tami become, she always result to that same jealous insecure b**** that she was during season 2 of Miami whenever she get around Shaunie, Evelyn, & Jen. She gives Evelyn way too much power and I think her obsession is very unhealthy. Say what you want about Evelyn being a s****, w****, jump off, etc. but she is definitely the face of Basketball Wives like NeNe is to RHOA. That’s why Tami really mad quiet as kept.

  8. Tami has to stop being so obsessed about Evelyn. She’s quick to say she’s more booked than her but can’t get her off her mind. It’s just not a good look. It’s so high school to be mad at someone for who they are friends with.

  9. I’m not trying to be shady but Tami looks sick. I know she had health issues in the past so I hope she’s ok.

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