LHHATL Recap: Erica Dixon Returns, Spice Confronts Tommie & Kirk Gets Sad News

Tommie tells Sierra about the rumors regarding BK.

Rasheeda throws a girls dinner.

Tommie, Sierra, Mimi, and Spice are in attendance.

Sierra is nervous about being around Tommie because of her loyalty to Karlie.

After Spice says that she and Tommie will be recording a music video for their song together, Spice says in a green screen interview that she’s not comfortable working with Tommie just yet due to her drinking problem.

Rasheeda then updates them on Jasmine.

She tells them that Jasmine recently popped up at Pressed to talk to her but she wasn’t there. She feels like Jasmine is being disrespectful.

Sierra confirms that she’s still with BK. She feels he’s perfect for her. Tommie then tells her what she’s heard.

“He got a lot of babies. How many babies he tell you he have?” – Tommie

She tells Sierra BK has four kids and Sierra says he told her he only had two.

Tommie also says that BK has another girlfriend as well.

In a green screen interview, Sierra says she’s not sure if she can trust that Tommie is telling the truth but she’s going to find out soon.

Tiarra and Jasmine plot.

Jasmine meets up with Tiarra.

She’s really frustrated that Kirk is not in their son’s life.

Tiarra says that she knows Jasmine from her dancer days. She refuses to judge her and says that she’s not the only woman who has “slipped and fallen on some married d*ck.”

As Jasmine vents about Kirk, they decide to take some shots.

In a green screen interview, Tiarra says Kirk was very involved with the baby until Rasheeda found out there was an outside child.

“But when is someone going to hold it against Kirk?” – Tiarra

Tiarra thinks it’s unfair that Jasmine gets all the heat for their affair. She suggests Jasmine comes to Joc’s opening party for his hair salon so she can confront Rasheeda.

Bleu and Keely make progress.

Keely and Bleu try to have another conversation.

Bleu apologizes and says he feels he was too heated during their recent conversation. Keely says all she wanted was consistency from Bleu so he would be around his son more.

“If it wasn’t for you, I would be there!” – Bleu

Keely gets emotional and tells Bleu that he put her through a lot.

“I can’t fix the sh*t that I did before.” – Bleu

As Keely sheds some tears, Bleu asks if he can see their son before he leaves to return to Miami. She says she will think about it. He then asks if Keely can call their son so he can hear his voice. She makes the phone call and Bleu has the conversation he’s been wanting with their son Xavier. It brings Bleu to tears.

In a green screen interview, Keely says she knows Bleu wants a relationship with Xavier but she’s not so sure it needs to happen yet.

But watching them talk “melts her heart.”

Bleu thanks Keely and they hug it out.

Spice confronts Tommie.

It’s the day of the music video shoot and Tommie is late. Spice is angry but decides not to wait to start filming.

Tommie finally arrives with a cup in hand.

“That’s real f*cked up…three hours, that’s a long time.” – Spice

Spice notices Tommie is drunk and they start arguing. Security gets between them and Tommie begins to laugh. In a green screen interview, Tommie says her pig was sick and she had to tend to him first.

Tommie then tries to apologize but Spice is not hearing it. She then tells Tommie she has a drinking problem. Spice snatches the cup out of Tommie’s hand.

At this point, Spice says she observed Tommie drinking too much in the studio. She tells Tommie to get it together and Tommie hears her out.

Karlie is ready to do some digging on BK.

Sierra, Karlie and Tokyo go out for wine, manicures and pedicures.

Tokyo tells them she broke up with Tabius because he went out with an ex.

She’s not understanding why they are even keeping in touch.

Sierra then tells Karlie and Tokyo that Tommie told her BK has multiple children.

In a green screen interview, Karlie says she’s heard the rumors about BK before. Sierra then says she invited BK to Joc’s salon opening to get to the bottom of everything.

Karlie also says she will do her part to find out the truth.

Erica Dixon returns.

Momma Dee performs her new song and shows off her new body at a club.

Rasheeda and Shirleen are in attendance.

“Shout out to the mothers and grandmothers all around the world.” – Momma Dee

Momma then thanks the mother of her granddaughter, Erica Dixon. Erica is beaming as she cheers Momma Dee on. Momma Dee comes off the stage and gives Erica a big hug.

Rasheeda is surprised and Momma Dee says that she’s done beefing with her granddaughter’s mom.

“We are all family now.” – Momma Dee

Momma Dee tells Erica and Shirleen Scrappy is married and expecting a baby with Bambi. But Erica says she already knows this and there are no grudges on her end.

After Momma Dee and Shirleen walk away, Erica and Rasheeda catch up.

Rasheeda talks about Jasmine and where she currently stands with Kirk. She admits she did allow Kirk to move back in.

“You don’t think you’re being too nice? Finish him, sis!” – Erica Dixon

In a green screen interview, Erica says Rasheeda is going too easy on Kirk.

Regardless, Erica encourages Rasheeda to have a conversation with Jasmine. And she doesn’t mind being in attendance to have Rasheeda’s back.

Jasmine does another pop up.

It’s the day of the grand opening for Joc’s hair salon.

Everyone is impressed by how glamorous the shop looks.

K. Botchey confirms with everyone that he’s done with Keely.

Tabius shows up and he confirms that he and Tokyo are done. He asks to talk to Spice alone. He flirts with her in a Jamaican accent.

Tommie strolls in with Sean Garrett. She’s totally okay with Karlie hearing about this. Sean says that Karlie won’t be coming because he wants to keep his personal and business life separate.

BK strolls in and speaks to everyone. Sierra still plans to confront him.

She wastes no time telling him that she heard he has two older kids that she knew nothing about.

Sierra then asks Tommie to tell BK what she heard.

Tommie then shows him pictures from a woman who claims they have children on Instagram. He denies this and says this woman is a crazy ex. Sierra believes him.

Joc thanks everyone for coming. Not too long after, Tiarra and Jasmine walk in.

Jasmine speaks to Joc and Joc states in a green screen interview that he only invited Tiarra.

Spice is annoyed and starts arguing with Jasmine.

“You just need to stop popping up…” – Spice

Spice then walks up on Jasmine and security intervenes. Jasmine imitates Spice’s Jamaican accent.

Mimi says it’s not a good idea for Jasmine to be there.

“Why would you have a problem with me but you don’t have a problem with him?” – Jasmine

Tiarra decides it’s  best that she and Jasmine leave.

“Bye, b*tch.” – Jasmine

“Nobody gives a sh*t, little skinny b****.” – Mimi

Later on, Karlie tells Rasheeda, Spice, Tokyo and Mimi that she met the girl that has kids with BK. She says those are really his kids.

Mimi says that BK denied this at the salon opening.

The conversation then changes into Jasmine showing up to the salon opening with Tiarra.

Rasheeda is over Jasmine doing pop ups and she feels they have nothing to talk about. But she’s glad Spice had her back.

Kirk shares some devastating news.

When Rasheeda gets home, she finds Kirk packing his clothes. His mom just passed away. She hugs him and Kirk is distraught.

She was found unresponsive in her bed.

He’s so hurt because he just talked to her two days ago.

They start crying.

“I don’t know what to say…but I’m here for you.” – Rasheeda

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. So is Erica back like for the rest of the season? I missed her. Erica Dixon > Erica Mena all day everyday. It was so sad when Kirk’s mom died though. You could see how hurt he was.

  2. I had no idea Erica was coming back. It was good to see her. She’s still beautiful as always. It’s weird to me how much people suck up to Rasheeda. Especially these new girls. They all are so desperate to do her dirty work like she’s the star on the show. Truth is her and Kirk are one of the most boring parts of the season.

  3. So, what is Erica Dixon’s storyline going to be, I could do without her for real, unless she’s going to help Rahsheeda do a take down of Jasmine.
    What is going on I thought Tiarra left to have her baby and had gotten married, don’t tell me all that’s over and the only thing she got left is this show & being a bottle girl & going back to Scrap whenever he gets out of jail, this is too much hood drama……..Find something else to do…

  4. I was not expecting to see Erica back on the show. I’m realizing more and more that the show has been boring because a lot of the original cast are gone or have become background characters.

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