Monique Samuels Threatens to Quit RHOP

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The current season of “Real Housewives of Potomac” hasn’t been an easy one for Monique Samuels.

Not only is she still trying to emotionally process having a miscarriage, but her drinking habits have become a topic of conversation among the rest of the group.

And she’s beginning to feel like she’s being lied on.

She took to Twitter recently to even threaten to walk away from the reality show altogether.

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  1. Oh please, she just got there. She better grow her some armadillo skin cause that franchise is not for the weak and she knew exactly what she signed up for.

  2. Producers can only film what these people give them. Monique is the one who was drinking like an alcoholic on the way to the resort. Monique was the one who had drinks with Ashely and then proceeded to drive despite the fact that she had been complaining about being oooooo so tired since last season. She did this. She has some nerve blaming everything on production and Ashley.

  3. That’s what drunks do blame everything & everybody before they blame themselves. Why did she drink the bottle of wine on the way to the resort, why did she need to? Naw, she can stop that, she made a mistake now acknowledge it, fix it and move on.

  4. Why hasn’t she explained why her own husband asked her not to drink on that girls trip? That told me all I needed to know.

  5. Yeah right. This chick was thirsty enough to make her brother start a fan page for her. She loves the little bit of fame she has. She ain’t going nowhere.

  6. Or she could be honest and admit she has a drinking problem and she’s been drinking a lot to cope with the miscarriage. It’s not like people won’t understand. But her refusal to own up to her issues is what makes her so unlikable. At least for me.

  7. She better stop playing when she knows she doesn’t really want to quit. Producers can be petty. They will give you a bad edit and then fire you. I don’t have an issue with her but she’s not all that memorable anyway.

  8. It is what you sign up for when you do reality tv and you aren’t the executive producer… that’s why many big stars don’t do reality tv. And I hope she doesn’t come back don’t like her anymore

  9. her drinking is a mask for her still hurting over her miscarriage and I don’t think shes recovered from that yet.

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