Evelyn Lozada Responds to Tami Roman’s French Montana Comments

By the looks of the supertrailer for season seven of “Basketball Wives,” it’s going to be a wild season.

Evelyn and Tami are at odds, again, and they aren’t holding back on how they really feel about each other.

They may have played nice last season, but there is plenty shade flying on the current season.

On the premiere, Evelyn made fun of the way Tami walks.

And although she thought it was funny, Tami is not laughing.

You can check out the clip below:

Tami responded when Shaunie told her about Evelyn’s joke.

In her response, she said that Evelyn’s hookup with French Montana was just a publicity stunt for the rapper.

Check out the video below:

Of course, Evelyn responded in tweets. And she feels like Tami cares way too much about what she’s doing with her “lady parts.”

Read the tweets from bottom to top.

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  1. Hmm I think Evelyn’s joke was more playful and Tami’s was more below the belt. That’s how you know Tami has never really liked Evelyn despite ki-ki’ing with her in the past.

  2. I mean Evelyn does have a point. Tami always throws the same kind of shade at Evelyn. It’s been years. Let it go sis.

  3. Well Evelyn lies a lot… I watched her show on own. I’m like how u have a miscarriage supposedly in your bathroom. Come out the bathroom tell your daughter and continue entertaining her guess. I’m like Bihh u lying… I had 2 miscarriage your in pain yeah everybody is body different. But there’s no way in hell your not gonna want too go to the hospital. Then u lie about your relationship with your son father. I just see it’s a convenient your and French Montana just broken up and wanna remains friends. Hell we know Tami don’t like Evelyn but Shaunie starting it hell.

  4. Petty Betty’s! These 2 overgrown behind women need 2 just stop n grow the heck up. They both have adult daughters n should be ashamed of themselves. That wide’nose Shaunie is the devil in disguise…stoppit woman…just stoppit!

  5. One of the realest things Malaysia said was Tami and Evelyn are scared of each other. They were only cool last season because neither wanted smoke. Even now, they will exchange some words but that’s about it because they don’t really want to throw hands.

  6. I believe Tami has not gotten over the “non-factor” situation. Shaunie can be both of their friends, but she has to refuse to discuss one with the other but that doesn’t make for good tv. I don’t think Tam & Ev are scared of each other, but they are too grown to be fighting and realize that. You should be able to express yourself without fighting…period!

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