Torrei Hart Talks Kevin Hart Cheating on Eniko + Current Relationship with Eniko

Kevin Hart became a major target in the media after it was revealed that he cheated on his wife Eniko.

Footage of him with another woman in a hotel room was released, and a former friend actually tried to blackmail him over it.

Social media was a very messy place as all of this was revealed, with some even suggesting that the whole situation was karma for how things ended between Kevin and Torrei.

But Torrei told Big Boy of Big Boy’s Neighborhood that it wasn’t a happy time for her either.

Here’s what she had to say:

I was hurt to be honest. I know people think I was going to be gloating and stuff like that. But no. I was hurt because my kids love her. So they have to be around certain things so I was hurt.

It’s still a family unit. He is the head of the family no matter what. I don’t want to see him fall. I don’t want to see him go down because then that means kids go down or I could possibly go down. So I am still rooting for him no matter what. I am still rooting for them. I don’t want to see women in and out of my kids’ lives. So people have to understand that too. It’s just not a good look period.

When Big Boy asked is she  believes Kevin can change and learn how to be faithful, Torrei said the following:

Well he’s human. He’s not God. So he’s going to make mistakes. I’ve never been in a position where I have that much fame, that much money, stuff being thrown at me so I can just combat it all. So I can’t speak for him because I’ve never been in that position.

On her current relationship with Eniko, Torrei revealed that she doesn’t have one:

At this time we don’t. At this present time we don’t. But I believe anything’s possible. So I’m always keeping it…forward thinking and I think that when it’s time for us to have a relationship, we will.

She also explained why she won’t be changing her last name:

The kids are very aware of it, too. My son asked me…so he was very sentimental and wanted to make sure I still had the same last name as him. So just for my kids, I’m definitely not going to change it.

And defended those controversial comments about side chicks:

Everybody takes things so literally…they’re everywhere. So since they’re going to be everywhere, put them to work.

It was just me making fun of, and making light of something. And you know people, ‘Oh my God, she went through this.’

I was not upset about anything. The fact of the matter is, just be honest.

Torrei also confirmed that she’s in a good place with Kevin coparenting wise:

We are in a great place coparenting. We’re not enemies or anything like that. Are we friends like we used to be? No. But we are definitely great in a coparenting space.

Check out the video below.

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  1. I hear her but I don’t believe for a second that she didn’t smirk when she first heard he cheated on Eniko. It’s not that she’s been wanting for it to happen, but it had to be annoying to see Kev pretending like him cheating on Torrei was her issue. Like she wasn’t good enough so he cheated. No he cheated because he’s a cheater. And it’s not the woman’s fault.

  2. Okay this is cool and all but I def remember Torrei liking some shady karma comments on IG when everything came out.

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