Andy Cohen Says Kim Zolciak Was Ganged up on at Reunion + He Wanted to Walk off Set

If you watched season ten of RHOA, then you already know the reunion was hard to swallow for Kim Zolciak.

She fell out with NeNe Leakes yet again, and wasn’t able to deal with Kenya Moore’s wrath for comments Kim made about Kenya’s husband Marc.

Since Kim made some negative remarks about Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss too, all four (NeNe, Kenya, Cynthia and Kandi) confronted Kim at the reunion.

This led to Kim having a breakdown in the bathroom and her making some very racially insensitive comments.

Regardless, Andy seems to think the ladies were too harsh on Kim.

While appearing on the “Jenny McCarthy Show,” this is what he had to say about the reunion:

Atlanta this season, I had a really rough time for the last chunk of that when Kim was on cause it got very…I hate a five against one situation.

Yeah, I don’t like it cause it’s a gang up.

And the problem is that Kim is not…she…it’s less problematic when the person is good at kind of taking up for themselves. Kim was not having an easy time with her words. She was making it harder for herself. So the whole thing…it just…and in retrospect…no one was listening to me. And I really did not have control of the room. I wish that I had walked off from that reunion.

Check out the clip below.

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  1. Why didn’t he feel bad when Kenya was wrongly ganged up on for two seasons? He was giddy after Phaedra made that disgusting comment about Kenya using IVF.

    1. Thank you! Kenya has gotten it worse than anyone else in Atlanta! But Andy doesn’t care because he hates her. Kim literally accused NeNe of being on drugs, lied on Kandi and said Kandi wanted to sleep with her, said Kenya’s marriage is fake, and told Cynthia she’s dumb but pretty. She deserved to be dragged!

  2. I’m not surprised. At the end of the day, Andy is a white man. So he’s going to be bias about Kim. You can tell it hurt him to say what he did to her in the bathroom at the end of the reunion. I’m just glad viewers are starting to notice how biased he is.

  3. Andy is so full of sh-t. Kim came back on the show starting sh-t with people. She deserved everything she got and more. They always try to overlook how nasty she is and defend her because she’s a white woman. Meanwhile the black women on the show don’t get this kind of protection. Even with Kandi, Andy was not going to fire Phaedra until people said they wouldn’t film with her.

  4. Andy is a hot mess. Kim can literally do what she wants, and they keep renewing her flop show too. So this was expected.

  5. Now this is what NeNe and Kandi were hinting at. Bravo and the producers including Andy allow Kim to do as she pleases. That is why she thought she could come back to RHOA being messy and not get checked. Now that she’s been rightfully dragged at the reunion, she’s playing victim and Andy is helping her do that. But the public consensus is Kim had it coming and she needs to stay away from RHOA.

  6. I knew his shady a-s was going to flip the script and hop back on Kim’s raggedy a-s bus eventually. Him calling her out at the reunion was too much like right. I knew he was going to remind us all why he’s trash sooner or later.

  7. Don’t start nothing won’t be nothing. Kim came back trying to come for way too many people. You can’t do that and not expect it to come back and bite you in the butt. Andy needs to hush.

  8. Kim said Nene had roaches, Kandi tried to lick her box, Cynthia just flows with the wind and needs to be quiet and just be pretty, and Kenya had a fake marriage,etc, etc. Then she said they all collectively were jealous of her. They got her together one by one there was no “gang up.” Andy is a fake a-s b-tch because when Kim expressed to him in the bathroom that she was ganged up on he said there was nothing good about her storyline all season. Now all of a sudden she was ganged up on? Chile boo! White privilege at it’s finest and NeNe called it out a long time ago.

  9. LOL. Andy is so fake and transparent. By the way Andy and Bravo treat Kim, you would think her show was a hit. Not the flop it actually is.

  10. Oh please. Many have been ganged up on by everyone. Porsha was ganged up on the whole season by the entire cast based upon a lie someone else told. Smh ??‍♀️. I don’t think it should be any different for Kim who was totally combative and antagonistic to many during the season. And frankly, why was Porsha treated like she was enemy #1 when she repeated what Phaedra told her to Kandi but, when Kim lied and said Kandi was trying to have oral s-x with her it was not the same backlash? Double standards all the way around.

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