RHOP Recap: Monique Clashes with Ashley + Almost Comes to Blows with Robyn

Karen reveals that Ray did ask her for a divorce “a long time ago.”

In a green screen interview, Charrisse says Karen didn’t indicate to her that Ray asked for a divorce a long time ago. She says she believes this actually was recent.

Despite this, Karen says they stayed together and were able to work thing out.

“We are in an okay place.” – Karen

But she’s worried about Ray’s health as he deals with the stress of tax debt.

Robyn then says she doesn’t like that Karen questioned her intelligence. She reminds everyone she has a college degree.

“I refused mine.” – Karen

Karen says her parents offered to send her to college and she passed it down. While she’s focused on entrepreneurship, Gizelle says in a green screen interview that the only career she recalls Karen having was a job at Taco Bell.

After they wrap up the conversation about Ray, Karen says that she is working on a perfume line. She wants everyone’s support.

Monique is still upset about Ashley telling everyone she was drunk driving, but she’s not ready to confront Ashley about it. So she suggests that everyone smokes cigars in the hot tub.

Karen pulls Gizelle to the side and tells her that Gizelle was in her life when Ray asked for a divorce.

“I just didn’t tell you.” – Karen

Karen then says that with all the tax drama going on, Ray just wanted to protect her. This makes Gizelle suspect that Ray asked for a divorce very recently.

While she’s away, Robyn, Charrisse and Ashley go in Karen’s room and look for her wigs.

Ashley then comes out with one of Karen’s wigs on and impersonates her. Everyone laughs, including Karen.

Not too long after, everyone goes to the hot tub and smokes cigars.

Monique, Ashley and Candiace recap the trip to their men.

While talking to Chris, Monique makes it clear that she is very upset with Ashley.

She explains that Ashley told people Monique drank before driving and that may have caused the crash.

“It’s almost like she’s Gizelle’s little spy.” – Monique

With Ashley now being friends with Gizelle, Monique feels she can’t really trust her anymore. She’s also starting to feel like Ashley and Gizelle have way too many similarities personality wise for her to be comfortable.

Candiace tells Chris the trip was fine overall but there were some issues.

They also discuss Monique’s drama.

She doesn’t think that Monique has a drinking problem.

Ashley tells Michael that Monique had another bottle of wine the previous night. She then witnessed Monique throwing up in the bushes. Producers flashback to a bottle of wine by Monique as she is in the hot tub with a cigar.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says that she thinks Monique drinks to “numb the pain a little bit and find an escape.”

Candiace says she doesn’t think it’s an issue for Monique to drink a bottle of wine while being away from Chris and the kids.

She says Monique drank too much and threw up in the bushes. She’s beginning to wonder if Monique is drinking to cope with stress.

Regardless, Monique feels like she has a target on her back. She says Ashley has “nothing to lose” and Monique feels like her reputation is on the line.

Sherman has become distant.

Robyn calls Gizelle to catch up.

Gizelle says she hasn’t spoken to Sherman in 29 hours. This is weird to her because they usually talk everyday. They have been dating for a year and a half.

She’s wondering if she may have scared him off but she would appreciate if he would just tell her what’s on his mind. But with their relationship being in the media, Sherman who is very private, may not be able to handle it.

Karen meets with her assistant Matt about launching her new fragrance.

Now that she’s determine to create her own fragrance, she knows a lot of work will need to be done. So she meets with Matt to iron out a plan.

“Every woman needs a signature fragrance.” – Karen

She says her grandmother inspired to do this.

Matt says he has no experience in the cosmetics industry, but Karen says he can help her because he has experience in PR and marketing. She thinks they should use a focus group.

Candiace gets upset with her mother.

Candiace and her mother Dorothy look at a hotel for a possible wedding venue.

With 300 people being invited, Candiace isn’t so sure the ballroom will be big enough.

The woman who work there says the minimum cost to have a wedding there will be $100,000.

Dorothy is spending $100,000 and Candiace’s dad will contribute $20,000.

Her mother tells Candiace she should call her dad to make sure he’s okay with paying his share. She then vents about marriage and says it doesn’t always work out the way people plan.

This makes Candiace emotional seeing as she and Chris both have parents who separated. She is fearful they will end up like their parents.

In a green screen interview, Candiace says her dad didn’t abandon her and always made an attempt to be in her life. She feels it’s not the time or place to discuss their failed marriage.

Dorothy notices Candiace is too emotional to discuss the subject any further but feels like Candiace is always too sensitive when it comes to discussing the past.

She cries and walks away from her mom.

Sheila is fed up.

Ashley comes by to have a chat with her mom.

As she’s cleaning up, Ashley asks Sheila if her boyfriend helped her do anything. Sheila claims he helped move some things out.

Sheila tells Ashley she’s thinking about figuring out her goals and traveling.

She’s thinking about moving away because her family is such a hinderance.

“What? Okay mom.” – Ashley

Ashley points out that everyone has stress. But Sheila should do better and break up with her stressful boyfriend.

She snaps and says that Ashley shouldn’t judge her. She especially doesn’t like that Michael doesn’t answer her phone calls.

“He’s harboring some resentment mom.” – Ashley

Ashley explains that Michael is upset that he’s spent thousands of dollars to help Sheila but she’s refusing to end her toxic relationship.

“It’s not about money.” – Sheila

Sheila then says that regardless of her relationship, Michael should answer her phone calls.

Ashley says she feels like she feels like she’s in the middle and Michael has a point about her needing to have boundaries with her mother.

But Sheila says she could be a lot worse like being on drugs or a prostitute. She really feels like both Ashley and Michael are overreacting.

Sheila says it takes time to change and Michael should be more patient with her. After Sheila says Ashley reports back to Michael, Ashley gets irritated.

She stresses to Sheila that like it or not, she doesn’t make much money and has to rely on Michael financially. So his feelings about Sheila and her finances need to be respected.

With the conversation being so disappointing, it’s very clear to Ashley that she has to sit back and let her mom stand on her own two feet.

Monique clashes with Ashley and almost comes to blows with Robyn.

Karen has her focus group. She invites all the ladies to give their feedback on perfume scents.

As everyone rolls in, Monique is determine to not engage Ashley at all. She’s still upset with her but wants to have a private conversation with her later.

A perfume expert is there and asks everyone to take a survey to help determine what scent their personalities are.

Robyn notices that Monique is being cold towards everyone. Gizelle says she notices it too.

After everyone says what scents they like, the perfume expert says she will make a free fragrance for everyone there.

Not too long after they wrap up the study, Ashley goes to the bathroom. Gizelle and Robyn ask Monique what’s up. She makes it clear she’s upset with Ashley and plans to confront her later.

Gizelle questions if Monique has been drinking too much and Monique explains she threw up in the bushes because she accidentally inhaled a cigar.

When Ashley returns from the bathroom, Gizelle tells her Monique is mad at her. This forces Monique to confront Ashley in front of the group.

Monique says she didn’t like that Ashley has been going around saying she was drinking and driving.

She feels this is hypocritical because Ashley herself had four of five beers before she drove home.

“I did. But did I crash my car? I did not.” – Ashley

“No, my car crashed not because of a drink. It’s because I’m an actual business woman who has more to lose than somebody’s allowance that they give me every month.” – Monique

At this point, Robyn raises her eyebrows and looks at Gizelle. Gizelle then tries to take up for Ashley after Monique’s allowance dig.

“Okay, but one has nothing to do with the other.” – Gizelle

Monique says she’s not going to allow Ashley to put out anything that can damage her reputation.

Ashley then reminds Monique that she is the one who put it out there first that they were drinking.

Monique calls everyone “bottom behind tricks” who have fake concern for her.

Karen then gets angry and has everyone kicked out the event by security.

Things only escalate outside of the venue.

While Monique is venting to Charrisse, Ashley comes around and says again that Monique was the one who told everyone they had drinks before she drove home.

“You don’t get it. What you’re implying can literally tarnish everything that I’ve built.” – Monique

Robyn and Gizelle are walking up and overhear the conversation. Robyn is annoyed by Monique’s last comment.

“Everything I’ve built?  Oh my God, shut up.” – Robyn

Monique doesn’t hear this as she continues to argue with Ashley.

Ashley tells Monique that she didn’t tell anyone Monique was drinking and driving, she did that herself and people implied what they wanted to.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says that she doesn’t think the crash happened because Monique was drunk. But it’s important to note that alcohol increases drowsiness. So Monique drinking before driving when she’s already tired wasn’t the best idea.

Monique then calls out Robyn for making comments about her drinking a bottle of wine on the way to the resort.

Robyn gets annoyed and says she called out what she saw but she really doesn’t care.

As Robyn and Gizelle begin to laugh off the drama, Monique then directs her anger to them.

“…Pinky and The Brain over there want to be making jokes.” – Monique

“You just coming at everybody for no damn reason.” – Robyn

“I can come at whoever I want because you’re clearly coming at me right now.” – Monique

“Shut up.” – Robyn

“You shut up!” – Monique

“You shut up.” – Robyn

“Get in my face and say that.” – Monique

Robyn then gets in Monique’s face and Monique threatens to choke her with her umbrella as Robyn refuses to back down.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I love that Robyn called Monique’s bluff. If you tell someone to say something in your face, you need to be prepared for them to actually do it. And she’s not going to do anything with that umbrella either because she’s all mouth. I’ve never been a fan of Robyn but Monique is so annoying this season.

    1. Yeah, that was great, call your bluff not a problem. Outside of a tv show she would have been popped running her mouth reckless like that. She ain’t about it, but Robyn clearly is… Loved every minute of it. Acknowledge you messed up & move on. No, as usual she’s making out like what she got going on is all that, (NOTE) she’s a business woman not waiting for an allowance. No wonder Chris mom hates her & thinks she needs a job.

  2. Mo is mad at everybody but she needs to realize she brought all of this on herself. You can’t tell people you crashed your car after you had martinis and expect them not to say anything. The truth is let’s say she wasn’t drunk, well she was tired before the drinks so she’s going to be even more tired after which will cause a crash. She’s mad at everybody because deep down inside she knows what she did was unsafe and she’s wrong period.

  3. Does Monique not realize that she’s not that different from Ashley? She talks as if she is the reason Chris accumulated wealth. Her “businesses” are being financed by Chris just like Oz is being financed by Michael.

  4. Both Ashley and Monique decided to drink and drive. It’s unacceptable when they could have just called a Uber.

  5. This season is so good! Anyway, I’ve been on social media and some people are really mad at Robyn talking bout she should not have gotten in Monique’s face and she should have stayed out of the conversation. Are we watching two different shows? Monique dragged Robyn into the conversation and then told her to come in her face (which Robyn did and Monique did absolutely nothing but continued to make empty threats). Monique should own that her driving after those cocktails was wrong. Ashley as well because five beers isn’t something to play with either.

  6. Monique was on Twitter retweeting shade about Ashley needing to focus more on paying her mom’s bills. The ki is every episode, we see Monique’s family in the kitchen chilling, not working and eating off Chris. I agree with the poster who said she’s too delusional to see how much in common she actually has with Ashley.

  7. Oh and another thing. Charrisse really is a snake for repeating information Karen told her in private. She’s the worst.

  8. With every episode, Monique continues to show how much of a hypocrite she is. She’s the same one who told Candiace she should have confronted Charrisse on the spot for that ring stuff but she said she didn’t want to confront Ashley until a later time. Candiace really needs to pay close attention.

  9. Monique was big and bad until Robyn actually got in her face. Then she needed her umbrella. LOL.

  10. So let me get this straight. Monique says she’s mad at Ashley for trying to ruin her reputation but she then proceeds to nearly get into a street fight with Robyn. Oh okay girl. I gotta say that Karen is my favorite this season. She’s hilarious, has the best shade and comebacks and doesn’t have to get too dirty with it either.

  11. I think Monique would actually fight. All of these ladies make empty threats because in their contracts, they can not physically fight, sooo its all stupid because no one will ever do anything.

    Robyn is annoying and stupid and s follower and really have no reason to be mad at anyone, she’s just picking fights.

    Ashley has always been messy and she is very immature. Hiw can you say yes i had 5 beers but no u didnt crash my car luke that makes what you did better than what Monique did. You are just as dangerous and if she did it once she’ll do it again and maybe will get into an accident and not just a fender bender. Real friends would intervene for both not just monique.

    This season- charisse us low down

    1. If Mo could fight, she would have decked Robyn since she did tell Robyn to come in her face and talk mess, which Robyn did with no hesitation and Mo still did nothing. She’s all bark and no bite. And if her man is so wealthy, surely she can risk kicking Robyn’s a-s and being booted off the show, so why didn’t she? Oh because she can’t fight.

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