Pusha T & Kanye West Exploit Whitney Houston’s Death for Album Sales?

Pusha T is making rounds, promoting his Kanye West produced album, “Daytona.” The album drops on Friday but it’s already stirring major controversy. This time, Kanye managed to drum up controversy surrounding the death of Whitney Houston and her drug use.

During an interview with Angie Martinez, Pusha T explained that Kanye West changed his album artwork at the last minute.

He changed my artwork at 1 AM. He wasn’t feeling it.

The artwork… it was pictures we all agreed on. He picked this photographer and I took these pictures…

I picked all of these pictures out. He had a, you know, a little edit to it, how he wanted the grading of the picture to look.

We pick the pictures, and its great, boom-boom! It was good.

1 AM, my phone rings; no caller id.

Kanye tells him on the phone that he likes the other artwork, but it costs $85,000 to license.

He then tells Angie that Kanye felt passionate about the image would pay for it:

“This is what people need to see to go along with this music. Ima pay for that.”

He then says he trusts him and his eye for art.

It turns out the $85,000 image was picture of Whitney Houston’s bathroom from around 2006. The image features various drug paraphernalia

Check out the album cover below.

Pusha T Daytona Album Artwork

I finally got my album art… #DAYTONA 5/25

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  1. Kanye will do anything for publicity but Pusha should have known better than to go along with this. So he’s cancelled too.

  2. If your music is good, it will speak for itself. This is tacky, desperate and disgusting. These people will enable Kanye even if it will cost them their careers.

  3. Kanye really is a despicable human being. But the fact that he continues to be coddled by others in the industry is why he’s not going to stop with these antics. He would not use a picture of his mother dying on the surgery table for an album cover so he needs to leave Whitney alone.

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