Watch: Gizelle Bryant Faces off with Sherman’s Ex Wife in RHOP Midseason Trailer

Gizelle Bryant was happily in love with Sherman Douglas, a retired athlete, last season.

In fact, she thought they could even end up moving in together and getting married eventually.

However, on season 3 of RHOP, Sherman has been distant.

While Gizelle isn’t certain what caused a change in his behavior, she thinks it’s possible he’s not a fan of the relationship being discussed in the media.

In the midseason trailer, Sherman’s ex-wife Kyndall Douglas finds her way into the circle thanks to Charrisse Jordan and Monique Samuels.

And it’s no surprise that this leads to a faceoff between Gizelle and Kyndall.

Interestingly enough, this also causes some tension between Charrisse and Monique.

Apparently Charrisse feels like Monique has been going behind her back and taking advantage of Charrisse’s contacts. This makes Charrisse question the entire friendship as she begins to feel like Monique was only using her all along.

Ashley and Karen’s feud heats up as both begin to speak harsh truths about each other’s marriages.

It also comes to light that Ray may want out of the marriage by moving to Florida, and Gizelle reveals that Ray may actually have a crush on Gizelle’s business partner, Erika Liles.

Monique has her own marriage to worry about after Chris reveals that he does have some issues with the relationship.

Newcomer Candiace Dillard decides to take a break from her engagement after more fights with her fiance Chris and Ashley tells someone that they need to get their “saggy t*tties up” and get out of her face.

Check out the explosive trailer below.

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    1. And straight up disrespectful. But Karen knows her to get under her skin and it’s so hilarious.

  1. So Sherman’s wife is joining the show. I don’t know how to feel about that. And something is obviously going on with Karen and Ray.

  2. Monique tries too hard. Sis, you’re not as big of a deal as you think you are. That’s why your brother runs your fan page.

  3. If Sherman was single when he got with Gizelle, what’s his ex wife’s beef with Gizelle? She must be really thirsty to be on the show because there shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. Monique was so giddy to try to have yet another person go after Gizelle because Gizelle keeps her pressed. Everyone knows Gizelle and Karen run RHOP. But Monique wants to take Gizelle’s place. The issue with that is none of the girls will allow her to have Gizelle’s spot. So when she says that she’s a business woman, blah blah. That’s what she really means. She wants to be on top of the RHOP food chain. But she’s not liked enough by the other women enough for that to happen. Plus she hasn’t been around as long in the circle. I think Ashley is more savvy and understands you can’t hop in front of people two seasons in.

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