Current Season of Basketball Wives Results in a Lawsuit

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Looks like the drama on the current season of “Basketball Wives” may have resulted in a lawsuit.

Apparently Evelyn Lozada just slapped her former publicist with a lawsuit and she’s accusing her of spreading lies about her breakup from Chad Johnson.

Interestingly enough, she believes these alleged lies were told to Tami Roman, who then made some serious accusations about Evelyn on the show.

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    1. Evelyn is the one who is disgusting. She was suppose to be a friend to Jen but look how that turned out. With a friend like Evelyn who needs enemies. Keep blaming everyone else for Evelyn mess one day you and everyone else with realize she will stab you in parts of your body.

  1. It’s amazing how far Tami will go with her hate for Evelyn. It’s been years. She needs to get over the fact that Ev slept with her ex husband.

    1. Tami is keeping it real and I love her for it. Go after anyone and everyone who does things like Evelyn with her messy a**. She can’t keep a man and I keep wondering what is wrong with her. Is there something in her childhood that was bas?

      1. There is nothing real about Tami. She’s the biggest hypocrite on the show and I haven’t forgotten all the messed up things she’s done in earlier seasons. People who hate Evelyn somehow turn a blind eye to Tami’s actions. Well not over here.

  2. It’s amazing how Tami always hits below the belt but gets worked up when someone does something as minor as imitate her stank a-s walk. She’s such a hypocrite.

  3. Tami pressed as f-ck by Evelyn and has been for years. If Evelyn is such a lowlife gold digging thot, why is Tami so pressed? She’s winning right?

  4. Yeah I don’t believe this. Chad is the kind of person who would have spilled that tea himself.

  5. Is Tami serious? Is this the hill she wants to die on? Why do some women like to think a woman had to hit a man first for him to go upside her head? I get she HATES Evelyn but some lines you just don’t cross. Get it together Tami.

    1. Evelyn is a snake she is not that innocent. I was told to never pick up a snake. So watch yourself…….

  6. I don’t care if she hit him first or not, furthermore it’s nobody’s business & she doesn’t have to tell anyone the details so, Tammi needs to mind her damn business, I don’t even like Evelyn but, Tammi is so petty it’s sad. She needs to move on. She’s bitter about everything , Shaunie didn’t laugh at her weak jokes, she thinks because they were about Ev, could be it just wasn’t funny to her…..DUH

  7. Ummm did y’all read this story correct! Because I could have sworn Evelyn’s assistant is the one who went and spilled the tea to Tami! Agree or disagree Tami has changed a lot and I’m here for it!!! Evelyn is low down and I do believe she was the aggressor not saying what Chad did was right by any means but if you remember where Evelyn was asked about which one of her ex’s would save her life who did she say I’ll wait!

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