Amid Rap Beef With Drake, Tweets Surface That Show Pusha-T Using Black Slurs

Photo Credit: Real 92.3 FM/YouTube

By: A.J. Niles

The Pusha T and Drake rap beef has kept the attention of fans and social media pundits for the past week. And after Pusha’s latest diss of Drake, many questioned Drake’s feelings towards the black community.

But with tweets from Pusha-T resurfacing calling a black person racial slurs, people may begin to question Pusha’s feelings.

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  1. Wait, people actually thought a damn drug dealer actually gives a sh-t about black people? The same man who continues to work with Kanye despite his ignorant a-s comments on slavery? The only reason Pusha came for Drake is because he’s jealous of his success. And it’s forever f-ck Pusha after that Whitney disrespect.

    1. Hell Don’t think Charlemagne got that memo..he’s all on Pusha-T d-ck because he’s dissing Drake.fukn hypocrites

  2. Of course he tweeted this. But I saw on Twitter people were excusing these tweets because they hate Drake that much. But you can’t be mad at blackface but okay with these tweets.

  3. I’m just waiting for Drake to drop his album and go platinum while everyone seems to think he’s finished now. People are really delusional. How can Pusha end Drake’s career when this beef couldn’t keep Daytona from flopping? He couldn’t even attention whore properly and keeps doing interviews about Drake. Embarrassing.

  4. They are both horrible one doesn’t excuse the other. The fact that people still riding for drake shows how disconnected we are. Like he’s in blackface and fetishizes black women like white men do only to have baby by the a white woman who could easily have the dna of 5 men in her shows that anything is better than a black woman.

  5. I’m trying to understand why there’s a sector of black women who are so offended and ready to cancel someone just because they have a white girlfriend/wife/baby mama. It just seems really…weird. Especially when Drake has dated black women in the past (he had longterm relationships with both Rihanna and Serena for example). And he actually uplifts black women in his work. Let me get this straight. Now he really hates black women and fetishes black women because his baby mama is white? Forget the fact that he’s had black girlfriends and never came at black women disrespectfully unlike other rappers y’all go up for? So him possibly impregnating a white woman somehow cancels his past relationships with black women? I mean I’m seeing that most of the black women offended by this are more mad about the white baby mama than the blackface and Pusha using Whitney’s tragic death to sell his album. So it ain’t like y’all care about black women collectively. If you did, you wouldn’t be putting Pusha on a pedestal saying he won this lame rap beef. Nevermind the fact that’s he’s a proud drug dealer who has contributed to the destruction of black families. Nevermind that he’s actually using a black woman icon for publicity. He’s a “kang” now because he’s dragging Drake, the rapper you once loved but now hate because he has a white baby mama. Forget Whitney, right? Your feelings are just hurt because you take Drake having a white baby mama as a personal rejection of YOU individually. That’s unhealthy in itself. Y’all are doing the same thing to Donald Glover. So mad about his white baby mama that y’all stay on Twitter trying to convince people to cancel him. Nevermind that Donald is out here giving black female writers jobs. So much for black girl magic and black woman unity. Nope. Y’all are more concerned with people’s bedrooms than anything else. But y’all were hyping up Meghan Markle and Serena marrying white men not too long ago. Make it make sense.

    1. You said all that and said nothing. You obviously felt touched about what I said so much so that you assumed I felt rejected. I don’t have any feelings attached to Drake’s bedroom but it was made public. Drake is a culture vulture. He’s made music to target audiences particularly black women so bugging them up in his music is what I expect. You don’t know who and what I don’t support because I only made a 3 sentence comment which you turned into a thesis of an argument that collapses on itself cause you brought so many different things none of which made sense and then you want someone to make it make sense for you. I don’t support anyone who profits off black culture but dates white men/women. I don’t care how many jobs you give to black people. Nor do I support those that degrade black women. So whatever you are saying about rejection makes no sense to me. Next time use I statements and speak for yourself

      1. I’m the “touched one” but notice how you came on here to reply to ME. Everyone else on here can talk about the situation in general, but you’re triggered by my comment. That says a lot. But stay triggered and boycott whoever you want. It’s not like it’s hurting them anyway, especially not Donald or Drake. Oh well. Have a great weekend though!

        1. You used “fetish” in your statement. I wrote that in my comment. Now when I directly comment to you, you in turn try to passively aggressively play me off like I’m triggered and you are so unbothered. But anyhoo, I’m gonna have a good weekend and I hope you will as well.

    2. I wanted to say you were wrong but as much stuff as I see on Twitter and on Instagram, it pains me to say you have a point. When certain blogs post about Donald Glover, so many comments roll in about his baby mama being white. And now the same thing is happening with Drake. But to be fair, both black men and black women are hypocritical about interracial relationships. Many black men were in their feelings about Serena and Meghan marrying white men. Me personally, I’m not cancelling anyone unless they talk out the side of their necks about black women. To each its own.

  6. And this is why I will continue to support Drake. All of these people calling him out are hypocrites. Plus Pusha’s boss Kanye is more toxic to black people than Drake ever could be.

  7. I think people have been doing the absolute most about this Pusha and Drake beef. But nothing is more hilarious than people actually trying to make Pusha out to be some savior and protector of the black community. That man is a proud drug dealer and shameless chatty patty. Have a stadium of seats. And Drake will survive this. He just has too many fans.

    1. He has a lot of fans plus he’s not even the most toxic rapper. Honestly, being a drug dealer is much worse than a half black man using black face in an art piece to covey a message of racism in the industry against black actors. So it just seems like people are trying to use this to take down Drake. Especially when the main people who are talking about cancelling him didn’t even like him before for silly reasons like Charlamagne. Charlamagne is really trying to stir up black women and tell us to boycott Drake because his baby mama is white but he doesn’t even like black women himself. Look at all the black women he’s dragged in his career (Lil Mama, Nicki, Mo’Nique, Chrissette Michele, etc.) but he still hasn’t dragged Kanye for his ignorance. Plus Charlamagne runs the streets with Tomi Lahren out of all people. I will not be falling for the hypocrisy.

      1. Charlamagne and people like him (certain black bloggers, radio personalities) are very dangerous to the black community. They are paid off by labels to promote toxic artists to our community. I had to unfollow him and a few others in the last 24 hours.

      2. I didn’t hear the Breakfast Club mention the tweets this am nor have ppl calling in dissing Pusha T. Hell I don’t remember hearing them going off about his cd cover..smdfh..they love coming for Drake..

  8. The language he used is despicable. But this isn’t getting the same reaction as Drake because people just have an agenda to end him. People don’t like for one person to be on the top for so long. But I think they are going to have hurt feelings when those album sales come out. And that’s just me trying to be honest.

  9. So he tweeted all this because the flight attendant was rude to him before they knew he was in first class? If that’s all it took, this lets me know Pusha is an arrogant dude with a fragile ego. And if that’s the case, then his real beef with Drake is Drake is more successful than he ever will be. And if this is all it takes to tweet racist terms like this as a black person, you can’t really love black people all that much either.

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