LHHATL Recap: Rasheeda & Jasmine Face off + Tokyo & Spice Almost Come to Blows

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Rasheeda and Jasmine finally have that conversation Jasmine has been chasing Rasheeda down to have.

After Jasmine apologizes for sleeping with Kirk, Rasheeda makes it clear that she has no intentions on having any type of relationship with Jasmine.

Tokyo and Spice almost come to blows after Spice takes some shots at Tokyo’s weight.

And Momma Dee and Ernest give their marriage another try.

Here’s a recap of “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

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  1. Okay I’m just about over how much everyone including producers kiss Rasheeda’s a-s. Truth be told she’s more angry at Jasmine than Kirk about the whole situation. Jasmine didn’t marry her and didn’t take vows. Had Kirk been faithful there would be no side baby. People applauding Rasheeda like she’s so classy but she’s a joke.

    1. They have made Rasheeda the show lead. I’m not sure why because her storyline is weak and has been for the last three seasons.

    2. Thank you!!! Rasheeda needed this more than Jasmine did and it was clear because Jasmine couldn’t get a word in. Rasheeda needed to feel like she won when she looks like the biggest loser of them all

  2. Spice really shouldn’t shade anyone’s weight because she’s not at a perfect weight herself. That was just weird. I also don’t understand why she came for Tokyo first. She could have been mature and just agreed to be civil. She came in there ready to throw shade for no reason.

    1. But but Mena Mondays! LOL. I agree. She is a waste of a decent salary. Mona thought Erica could replace Joseline but it’s not working out.

  3. Spice has been trying really hard to secure a place next season. It looks like she tries to fight someone else next week. Sierra I think LOL.

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