T.I. Cheats on Tiny, Again?

It appears T.I. and Tiny may have hit another rough patch in their marriage.

A year ago, the couple came very close to actually divorcing.

But they decided to back off from the divorce and work out their marriage instead.

However, when T.I. posted a very anti-marriage Instagram post yesterday, it did not sit well with a lot of his followers, including Tiny.

Check out the post below.

After the post went viral, Tiny clapped back via Instagram Story.

She also posted the following video in response.

T.I. then wrote the following comment on the post.

After the hype died down from the couple’s interesting back and forth online, things got much worse.

Apparently The Shade Room got its hands on video of T.I. cuddling up with another woman backstage at one of his shows.


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  1. Hoteps are the absolute worst. I swear they care more making black men equal to white men than anything else. They don’t give a f-ck about black women. All this sh-t he talks about the black community but he treats his wife like sh-t. Typical.

  2. What a load of crap. Women stand to benefit the least from marriage if we’re just being real. And didn’t he force Tiny to give up her career for a while to settle for just being his wife? And the entire time he cheated and still cheats now. So it’s laughable he’s trying to pretend men are the ones who lose when they get married. That’s a lie. And is anyone surprised that he’s still cheating? That’s all he’s ever done. Tiny needs to leave him but she’s not going to do that. She’ll just shade him on the gram like always.

  3. I want to feel bad for Tiny but she’s the one who keeps putting up with this disrespect. I can’t care more than she does.

  4. T. I. Does what he wants because 1. He’s weak & immature. 2, because Tiny is never leaving him. She should put some respect on her own name & leave him….. I also find interesting that they pitted the “other woman” as “Pastor Skanks wife” on “Greenleaf” a Christian show creates by Oprah!! I want to see how that part unfolds…

  5. T.I. ain’t sh-t and ain’t never going to be sh-t. Tiny refuses to see that, so she sticks around so he can keep making a fool out of her a-s. He does not respect her and never has. Women have to smarten up out here. Why be loyal to a piece of sh-t just because you have kids? All you’re doing is teaching your kids that dysfunction is okay and they end up making the same choices when they become adults. You f-ck your own kids up trying to be loyal to a f-ck boy. She needs to go through with that divorce. Life is too short to be constantly disrespected.

  6. When you keep cheating on a woman and she keeps taking you back, you’re going to keep doing it. I’m not blaming Tiny because TI is trash, but that’s just how it goes. He’s never going to change. She should leave because he may mess around and give her a disease one day. I doubt someone as ignorant as him wears protection when he cheats.

  7. Cheat on me once !! Shame on you cheat on me twice !! I will leave your a_s and keep it moving !! You started T.I. That there are no benefits to marriage and u lose more than what you gain. U lost respect as a man and a father when u continue to show your sons and daughters that Cheating and Disrespecting the one you day u love is ok !! Remember daughters learn from there fathers how a man is suppose to treat them ( Heiress) and young men learn from there Fathers how they are to treat a woman !! Great example if u not going to be True to it then by Thru with it !! Stand Up Black Man Stand Up ! And still we Rise ( Black Women)

  8. At this point it’s funny to me, how many times can a man tell you he doesn’t want to be married and doesn’t want the commitment before you take what little respect you have left and leave? I’m not a T.I. stan but I’m also not going to dog him for doing what he has told this woman multiple times he’s going to do.

  9. I stopped feeling sorry for Tiny a long time ago she refuses to leave T.I. Instead of holding him accountable she gets upset at his side chicks and gets mad at people who tell her she deserves better. She wants to be a fool behind this man that’s on her.

  10. I’m not saying what he’s doing is right but at the end of the day Tiny put up with it, so that’s on her. One day she will wake up till then that’s her. T.I. is a Libra man so this nothing new when it comes too libra they love hard for one person but have several partners. Tiny got his heart that’s something none of them females have…. yeah he spend coins on the females but never give them his heart only tiny got it.

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