T.I. Spills His Own Tea

Photo Credit: Revolt TV/Power 105 FM

By: A.J. Niles

Rapper and political activist T.I. caused a stir on social media over the weekend. Numerous outlets showcased footage of T.I. appearing to get close with a woman backstage of his show in Indiana.

As the footage spread on social media, “Greenleaf” actress Asia’h Epperson quickly clapped back. T.I. also made a statement of sorts, and claimed his sons King and Major are taking Tiny’s side.

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  1. Ain’t his sons on Instagram? They probably saw the video of TI hitting that other woman’s a-s. When your kids actually see you treating their mother like sh-t, they start to resent you.

    1. Exactly. And some stuff really doesn’t need to be shared on Instagram. But people just refuse to understand that.

  2. T.I. really refuses to take any responisbility for this situation can you really blame his sons for not wanting to be around him. T.I. mom is outta line trying to guilt Tiny like ma’am this all falls at the feet of your son how about going in on your son for embarrassing his wife for like the 20th time and not cherishing his family. See this is the problem with some black men mom making excuses shifting blame, wife continuously taking all his ish nobody really holding him accountable for his own actions.

  3. The strangers that know nothing about her are the ones that make or break a show by watching it or not. She need to humble herself because people are reacting to what their eyes saw.

  4. I’m not surprised his momma is a whole mess. Some women expect women to be treated like dog sh-t and be okay with it just for the sake of having a “huzband.”

  5. It’s really tacky to talk about God when you’re sleeping with a married man. And she needs to stop acting like she’s the victim in all this when she’s been liking shady comments about Tiny’s looks for the last couple of days. So not only is she okay with adultery, but she’s also vain and mean spirited. Maybe she needs to get more familiar with God and the bible she likes to quote so much.

  6. She’s bragging about scripts but if she gets the rep of being a groupie to married men/rappers, she can forget getting major roles. Don’t mess up your reputation for a f-ck boy like TI.

  7. I can’t remember which one but one of them did say on the show that TI treats Tiny bad. So when you think about it, they have been watching him dog her out the majority of their lives. The last straw had to be being tagged to the actual video evidence on Instagram. TI needs to remember this the next time he plans on cheating. It’s hard to hide your dirt in a social media age. Don’t embarrass yourself, your wife and your kids for some a-s on the side.

  8. Selfish a-s adults. TI’s mom is one of the reasons he’s a terrible husband. She coddled him and made him think that he can cheat and it’s his wife’s responsibility to accept that just to “keep the family together.” TI only loves his d-ck. And Tiny doesn’t love herself enough and refuses to see what staying with TI is doing to her kids. Contrary to belief, kids don’t want their parents to stay in toxic marriages. They want to see their parents happy. Yet TI and Tiny keep this circus going and it’s not healthy for any of the kids.

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