Instagram Model Puts Fabolous on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Emily B and rapper Fabolous became a hot topic on the blogs after it was revealed that she accused Fab of knocking out her teeth in a police report.

However, the on and off couple appear to be back on.

Emily has also been threatening to block any critics of their union on social media.

And while Emily has been monitoring negative comments, Fab was recently called out by an Instagram model.

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  1. Well it is what it is. If losing some teeth won’t make Emily leave Fab alone, this won’t either.

  2. Tuh no surprise another reason for Emily to leave Fab but she won’t so that’s on her. I’m confused how majority calling this chick wack and reaching people really stupid if they think Fab slid in her DM on some business please gtfoh.

  3. Emily looks dumb as hell as usual. This girl better not be younger than Emily with more common sense. Sh-t’s embarrassing.

  4. Well not every woman out here has low self esteem. Some of us aren’t that thirsty to be with a rapper that we would we tolerate abuse. I just wonder f all the the people who dragged Fab to defend Emily feel dumb now? She went right back and gets angry with anyone for questioning her. That means she is not even trying to do better. I really wonder if she’d stay if he was just an ordinary abusive creep with no fame or money. I doubt it.

  5. Emily B looks REAL DUMB OUT HERE. Her fboy is DMING a NXT chick not even 21 days after he KNOCKED your teeth out. The other chick post not so fabulous txt and her calls her a HOE. I hope that WOMEN’S husband GETS U not so fabulous. Emily B take note the other woman is WIFE. While u are out being known as the DUMB BABY MAMA who publicly got shamed and STAYED. #DREAKELLY we know you know what was up with the PEEING PIED PIPER.

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