Steve Harvey Says Accusing a Faithful Man of Cheating Will Make Him Cheat

Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Steve Harvey is known for giving women no-nonsense relationship advice on his talk show.

Recently, he told his audience that accusing a faithful man of cheating will cause him to do just that eventually.

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  1. Any “man” who thinks like this was already thinking about cheating but was just waiting on an excuse to act on it. Just saying.

  2. This is such bullsh-t. It’s like men are not ever responsible for sticking their d-cks in everything. Shut the f-ck up Steve.

  3. As much as I hate Steve c—n arse this is true. As a woman I was accused of cheating all the time by my ex and I literally was doing nothing but making innocent runs to the store etc, but after while I got really tired of being accused and said well he thinks I’m doing it anyway so hey why not now I don’t feel bad about him accusing me. I was young then and in retrospect I should have just left the relationship all together instead of cheating, but back then I used cheating as a outlet/break from the relationship I clearly wasn’t ready to leave at the time.

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