Candiace Dillard Slams RHOP Viewers

Candiace Dillard is not ashamed of the fact that her mother is still helping her out quite a bit financially.

She’s paying half of Candiace’s mortgage.

Her mother even gave her money to start her hair business.

So it’s no surprise that she’s writing a big check for Candiace’s upcoming wedding.

On the most recent episode, Candiace asked her father to write a bigger check for her big day.

He said no, and Candiace was extremely disappointed.

A lot of viewers seem to think Candiace is being ridiculous and ungrateful.

Candiace seems to think people with these beliefs are just bitter.

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  1. She is going to look so stupid when her arse end up divorced or married and miserable. She really needs to humble herself because that shade was not necessary. Thats why she is so unlikeable now big cry baby. Smdh

  2. This girl is so trashy. Signed up for a reality show but she can’t take any criticism. She literally spends most of her time cursing people out on Twitter. And I mean really cursing them out. Calling people ugly, bitter, hoes, b words…all of that. She is not suited for this show. Too immature.

  3. LOL. Candiace isn’t smart enough to see that people drag her because they see her settling. If your parents got so much bread, why are you marrying a man who is financially beneath them with three kids? And to top it off, you want said parents to spend over $100k for the wedding. The whole situation just looks crazy.

  4. She needs to grow the f*uk up first not everyone is bitter or jealous or even care about her wedding that has yet to happen. She is marrying dude cause he’s the only one to ask that’s why & she probably suggested it to him, what has he got to lose, nada. Nobody is tripping on her like she thinks, we’re not crying she is………..

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