Tommie Lee Still Drinking?

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The current season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” hasn’t been an easy one for Tommie Lee.

Her drinking has become a main topic of discussion for the producers and rest of the cast.

She attacked one of the producers while filming and was banned from filming temporarily.

However, she was allowed back filming after agreeing to working on her drinking problem.

It looks like she may have changed her mind though.

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  1. Okay so basically that storyline about her momma being sick was a lie and damage control because Vh1 wanted this bish to get public sympathy ie. damage control! How disgusting!

  2. Yet people love this chick. She won’t stop until she gets VH1 and Mona into some serious doo doo. I’m talking about arrests, lawsuits…oh it’s coming. They need to stop enabling her.

  3. This bish is complete trash. Pretending like she wants to change for public sympathy but not trying to get any help when the cameras aren’t around. I’d love for someone to explain to me how she is any different from Joseline. They are literally the same person. But one gets a pass for being awful and the other doesn’t.

  4. I like Tommie but, am not with that alcoholic baggage. It’s to destructive. She can go somewhere with that, I lived with an alcoholic it ain’t easy & it is embrassing to those of us who don’t drink ad act a fool…..Get a grip girlie while you still can… you about to be on the corner waiting for the liquor store to open if you don’t get a grip.

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