‘Claws’ Recap: Desna Meets Greg’s Mom & Jenn Relapses With Alcohol

Roller almost reveals Greg’s true identity to Desna.

The episode opens with a dream sequence of sorts. Desna and Greg are in a 1950’s sitcom and they appear to be married. Things get weird when 10 kids come down stairs, including two white kids, and they send them to sit for dinner.

Desna takes a pot roast out of the oven, and Greg chastises her for making it again. She says she will do better and begins to dispose of the meal in the garbage disposal. She gets her hand caught in the disposal, and Greg laughs along with the kids. Blood fills the sink and she screams out in horror.

She wakes up, grabbing her hand.

Next, she’s downstairs getting ready for her day, Greg is taking her and Dean out on the boat. Roller stops by and they have small talk, surrounding what happened with Brenda and Bryce the night before.

She tells Roller about her date with Greg and Roller questions if she should be doing this.

“You’re moving fast, that’s all. You barely know the man.” – Roller

“I know him well enough.” – Desna

Roller wanted to tell her about Greg’s real identity. However, he backs away before doing so, and leaves.

Desna then goes to check in on Jenn. Jenn is on her bed in her room, stuffing her face with junk food. She says she’s glad Jenn isn’t drinking. Desna invites her to tag along on the boat, but Jenn declines, saying this is Greg’s way of showing he’s serious.

Desna and Dean meet Greg’s mom, Matilde.

Later on, Dean and Desna are on the pier waiting on Greg for the boat. Zlata calls her and Desna tells her about the date. She tells Desna to take as much time as she sees for the date.

Dean tells Desna that he wants to dance at She-She’s. Desna tells him no, but Dean seems determined to accomplish this goal. Later on, they make it to Greg’s boat. Greg presents Dean with new, and expensive art supplies. He also made sure the chef made Dean a gluten and dairy-free meal. This impresses Dean very much. Lastly, Greg introduces both of them to his mother, Matilde. Greg tells Desna that she was dying to meet her, and she will love her.

Back at the shop, Jenn walks in, still wearing her pajamas as Poly and Virginia talk about moving in with Desna and Dean. Everyone, including her clients, immediately notices that she is visibly shaken from the events involving her mom and Bryce. She sits in her chair and her client gets her to talk about what happened.

When Jenn tells the client what happened, they are shocked.

“Last night, I caught my mother ‘bout to do Bryce’s d*** like a Popsicle.” – Jenn

“Now how you let that happen!?” – Jenn’s client

Back on the boat, Matilde introduces them to girls that lost their homes and families in Haiti. Matilde and Greg run a non-profit helping the girls to get back on track. Desna offers to take the girls to her shop for pampering, manicures and pedicures. This impresses Matilde, who says that Greg’s quite smitten with her.

Things get awkward when she was going to reveal something personal Greg told her about Desna. He interrupts her, which angers Matilde. Greg feeds his mom strawberries to calm her down. That makes Desna and Dean uncomfortable, as it looks rather sensual.

“Why is he feeding her?” – Desna

Uncle Daddy gets another task from Zlata.

Zlata walks in on Uncle Daddy and Toby having some BDSM fun. She takes a pic of Uncle Daddy in a contraption. She asks for a meeting with his connection with law enforcement. Uncle Daddy tells her no, and to kiss his a**. However, Zlata ignores this, telling Uncle Daddy that this task must be done today. She then leaves, taking his toy shaped like a hand.

Back at the shop, everyone is still consoling Jenn. They learn that Jenn still has a connection with Bryce. Poly says she’s experiencing an issue with Marnie and says she needs to keep trying. When Jenn says he isn’t answering her calls, Ann says she has an idea on how to get Bryce to talk to Jenn.

Matilde chastises Greg as Desna looks on.

After their meal, Dean asks Desna if he can go whale watching, as Greg invited him out on his boat. Desna agrees and then Dean asks if she and Greg are getting married.

“Isn’t that why men introduce women to their mothers?” – Desna

Greg walks in and Dean gives them space. She compliments him on his look, and he says his mom picked out the look. Greg tells Desna she looks great also, but she gets shady, saying she picked it out all by herself. As they kiss afterwards, Matilde catches them, and chastises Greg.

“My mom hates public displays of affection.” – Greg

Desna looks on their argument with confusion. Matilde then hits Greg with her wheelchair, as she rolls into a room.

“Ain’t this some s***?” – Desna

Greg and Desna apologize to Matilde for offending her. This seems to open Matilde up. He then butters her up even more, by telling her stories of how he raised her.

When she opens up the door, she tells them both that she used to be the most important woman in Greg’s life.

“Well I think you still are.” – Desna

Kenneth is meeting with a client who he met at the ho-down dance. She tells him her “whisker biscuit” hurts. She says ever since her child was born, it hurt according to the client. Kenneth asks her to clarify the time, and she says 64 years ago this September.

That confuses Kenneth even more.

The girls spring Ann’s plan to action to get Bryce to talk to Jenn.

Bryce walks into the shop with a tool box, as part of their plan, and the girls surround him. They force him to take a seat as Ann points her bat towards him, and have them attempt to work things out.

As Dean and Desna leave the boat, Greg tells Desna his mom will be moving in with him. This news causes Desna some pause, but Greg tells her he loves her. Desna appears to confuse her, as she didn’t say it back.

At the shop, the girls forced Bryce and Jenn to have a “political” debate. This includes actual minute time for their debate talks. Of course, Poly acts as the debate moderator, getting into an intense character. Jenn’s opening statement includes the fact that Brenda did something like this to Jenn before.

Bryce interrupts, but gets shut down by moderator Poly. Jenn continues, saying she came out of Brenda’s cooch.

“He was all up on your cooch!” – Bryce

Desna calls and Poly answers, dropping her character. Desna tells her that Greg told her he loves her, and she didn’t say it back. Poly tries to cut the convo short but Desna keeps talking, bringing up how he introduced her to his controlling mama.

“It was a real mommy dearest, Haitian s*** show.” – Desna

Dean then tells Desna to ask Poly if he could dance at She-She’s. Poly uses the opportunity to hang up on Desna.

Meanwhile, Roller, Toby and Uncle Daddy are sitting with their police connect. Uncle Daddy tells him about the meeting he’s setting up with Zlata. To make it worth his while, he will double his payment to him. The connect agrees.

Bryce and Jenn get asked a tough question.

As the debate continues, Jennifer tries to say their marital issues led her to Hank. She says it happened only one time, and Bryce calls her a liar.

“You gave him a rim job and nobody does that the first time.” – Bryce

“That’s true. That kind of trust takes years to establish.” – Poly

“Well actually, some of us like to get the freaky s*** out the way first.” – Virginia

This gets the debate off the rails a bit, but Ann gets things back on track. Bryce says that what he did doesn’t compare to what she did.

Next, Ann asks if they both still love each other.

At She-She’s, Zlata meets Uncle Daddy’s connect. He asks what happened to Riva, and Zlata says that she went back to Russia on short notice. He agrees to work for Zlata for double what Uncle Daddy paid him. She agrees and then gets Uncle Daddy to get them all shots of vodka.

Bryce reveals he doesn’t love Jenn right now.

The debate rages on as Bryce did not say he still loved Jenn. Jenn questions him, and he says it’s complicated.

“I just can’t erase what you did.” – Bryce

“What ever happened to forgiveness?” – Jenn

Poly then asks if they can get back to their marriage, but Bryce says no. Jenn goes through all of the things she’s forgiven Bryce for, including snorting coke off a turtle.

Bryce’s reply ends the debate, and begins a shouting match between him and the girls.

“At least I wasn’t tongue darting fart boxes all over town!” – Bryce

Desna calms everything down.

As everyone argues, Desna walks into to the shop, seeing everything and confused by it. This gives Bryce an opening to leave, which he does. He calls them all b****es as he walks out the door, inciting them even more.

She pulls Jenn into her office and keeps it real with Jenn. Desna tells her she cheated on the best man she ever had.

“I know what he did and it’s out of order. But your s*** is out of order too.” – Desna

She then tells Jenn to check into rehab because she will take her to rehab herself if she smells alcohol on her breath. Finally, she tells Jenn to sit her “black a**” down.

“I love it when you call me black.” – Jenn

“I know.” – Desna

Zlata and Uncle Daddy’s connect bond over their parent’s poaching days. When Zlata says her dad used to poach tigers in Siberia, Uncle Daddy calls her out, saying she’s lying. But, Zlata brushes him off. Uncle Daddy then leaves and she follows suit.

Poly catches Marnie at the Really Big Shrimp stand where she’s talking to a guy who’s part of the Nation of Islam. He gives her a pamphlet and bean pie, and tells her that white people are allowed to join now. Poly tries to give back the pamphlet and pull Marnie away, but Marnie takes it with her.

Zlata stops by the shop and Desna invites her for her usual mani. Desna tells her how she met Greg’s mom, and noticed something’s not right. Zlata tells Desna to bring Greg to her house for dinner to straighten Greg out. On the side, Virginia and Ann noticed how friendly Desna is getting with Zlata.

“Looks who’s all friendly now.” – Virginia

Desna gets nervous when she takes Greg to Zlata’s dinner.

Greg escorts Desna to Zlata’s compound for dinner. Desna walks in and sees Uncle Daddy attending the event with his cronies. Desna gets immediately nervous, and heads to the bar for a drink. Meanwhile, Jenn is staring at pictures of her and Bryce, crying. Bryce is with their kids. Brienne asks if they are getting a divorce. She notices that they have supper with them separately.

He tells them they both made big mistakes

“Why don’t you act like a grown up and say sorry?” – Brienne

He pauses, and then tells them to eat dinner.

At the dinner, Uncle Daddy and Roller stand back as they see Desna and Greg talk to Zlata. Roller says he’s going to keep an eye on them both. Zlata and Greg talk and she becomes impressed with Greg. He tells her that he will take good care of Desna. It comes off as if they both know each other’s true identities, unbeknownst to Desna.

When Greg goes off to get a drink, Desna asks why she invited Uncle Daddy to the dinner, and Zlata says he’s in for a show. Next, Olga and Roller walk over for small talk. Desna and Olga get shady.

“How sweet it is for a woman your age to find love.” – Olga

“It is, because a relationship without love is hard. Right girlfriend?” – Desna

Olga laughs this off and takes her son from Roller. Greg walks away and Roller follows. He then hems up Greg, threatening him to never hurt Desna. But Greg squares right back up, demanding that Roller never speak to him in that manner again.

Dean and Virginia are at home, and Virginia learns how not to anger Dean by following his strict labeling structure. He opens his cabinet and sees his snacks are not in order and missing.

As Virginia calms Dean down when his snacks are in disarray, Jenn heads into the bathroom. She opens up her toilet tank and pulls out a bottle of vodka. Jenn then takes a tampon, and pours vodka all over it. She then places the tampon in her private area, absorbing the vodka from there.

Uncle daddy gets put in his place by Zlata, again.

Zlata has her guests sit for dinner, and she still praises Greg for the way he treats Desna. She tells him how Desna is a valuable manager in the operation, and Uncle Daddy interrupts, mispronouncing Zlata’s name. Roller then gives Zlata praise, which angers Uncle Daddy.

“Come on Chip, put your d*** back in your pants.” – Uncle Daddy

Greg has to run as a patient is giving birth, going into labor. Once he leaves, Zlata calls out Uncle Daddy and forces him to get onto his knees. Roller tries to calm Zlata down, but she ignores him. Her goons grab him and she slaps him with a whip for each time he mispronounced her name. He then get hits with a butt of a gun.

Finally, Zlata gets him to kiss her boot, asking him how it tasted.

“I can’t look at this s***.” – Roller

“This is better than Real Housewives of Atlanta.” – Olga

Desna looks impressed at how Zlata controlled Uncle Daddy. Zlata later tells Desna that she needs to make Greg “lick boot.” This means to put Greg in his place involving his mom.

“Tell them what you want, and them force him to do it your way.” – Zlata

Poly reveals she has a twin sister, and Bryce discovers Jenn’s drinking again.

Marnie and Poly are getting ready for bed and Poly’s trying to bond with her. Poly’s shown a photo of her twin sister Lilian. Marnie’s shocked to learn about this. Poly says she lives in Seattle and they aren’t close.

Bryce takes their daughters to Jenn’s house and he immediately notices she’s drunk. When he calls her out on it, she says she isn’t, having him smell her breath. He takes the kids back but Brienne tries to run back. Bryce gets her and puts them both back in his van. Jenn cries as he drives off.

Desna uses Zlata’s advice on Greg with success.

Next, Desna calls Dean in front of Greg’s house saying he can dance. But she says if he cuts up, she will break the tips of his color pencils.

“Go on and let your freak flag fly. I want you to be happy.” – Desna

She then takes off her panties, throwing them into her car. Desna finally heads to Greg’s door. He opens and she tells him that he has to set up boundaries with his mom. Although Greg says taking care of his mom is a priority, he can still love her.

“You got to show me. Life is about choices Gregory. You can choose to be a boy to your mom, or you can be a man to me.” – Desna

To drive her demand home, she grabs Greg’s hand, placing it where her panties were; between her legs. Greg appears to make his choice, kissing Desna and taking off his clothes.

When Desna wakes up after their love-making session, she calls Greg because he left. He picks up from the office and Desna tells him she loves him.


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