‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Tami Drops a Bomb on the Group

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives,” things get really explosive after a rumor gets out.

Tami is the one who reveals what was said about one of Shaunie’s exes.

But she reveals that Jennifer was actually the first one to put the rumor out.

When everything is revealed, both Evelyn and Shaunie are left to fight for their friendship.

Kristen and CeCe’s relationship begins to crumble as they navigate how to fit in with the rest of the group.

And OG’s boyfriend Kwame reveals that he’s not ready for marriage.

Here’s a recap of “Episode 6.”

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  1. Tami is very vindictive. The only reason she brought this up now is because she hates that Jenn and Evelyn are friends again. And she’s definitely not a real friend to Shaunie if she held this in for a year. So much for her being so real though.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. And it’s funny because when Evelyn came back Tammy did the same thing with Jackie and the situation with her daughter. She saw Jackie and Evelyn getting cool and she told Jackie Evelyn was talking bad about her in an interview, then got mad at Jackie when Evelyn said Tammy was crazy. As much as she denies it Tammy still has a problem with Evelyn. And to top it off she’s trying to bring the Chad incident up, Tammy is all over the place! And she said on one of the reunions she herself has slept with Chad. Tammy needs to stop.

  2. I don’t think Ev slept with Shaq. But I do think Jenn told Tami that to get even. They were plotting to take Evelyn down once Jenn returned but Jenn switched lanes and became friends with Evelyn again. So Tami is trying to expose her.

  3. So it’s ok for Jenn and Evelyn to attack CeCe about a rumor they heard, Jenn be hateful to the girl. But when they are confronted about rumor Jenn started or heard, Tami is jealous or trying to start something. Man the hypocrisy!!!!

    1. Thank you and all the sudden Tami is the bad person they forgot how they threaten that woman business by implicating shes offering sexual service, or evelyn try to call tami a bum when she first met her. When the news broke the air about domestic abuse back in 2012 most people blame evelyn now years later shes a victim…GTFOH

  4. I really don’t like Tami this season. She’s very mean and bitter. I don’t get her obsession with Evelyn either.

  5. It’s actually pathetic that Tami thinks Evelyn is jealous of her because she has Reggie. I try to keep it cute about that relationship but to be honest, it’s nothing to write home about. He’s a much younger man and Tami is the breadwinner in that relationship. Evelyn would never want that. I’m not the biggest Evelyn fan but she at least ends up with men who can do for her. Reggie rides Tami’s coattails.

    1. In other words you prefer women using men not men using women gotcha. Tami was MARRIED to a BASKETBALL player and been with reggie for over 5 years now unlike ev marry for 2 month and 2 failed engagements( there no reason to be jealous). who wants to marry someone like that.

  6. This needs to be Tami’s last season. I can’t stand Evelyn but you don’t dare blame a domestic violence victim for the violence they suffered. Tami is disgusting and she has not changed at all.

  7. Chile…I don’t know what’s going on with Tami this season. But she really is out here acting a whole fool. How do you meet with a pastor and then turn around and cause a whole bunch of mess between multiple people? Then she swears she’s trying to change and be more positive but she hasn’t ever been a positive person. I just wish she would stop acting like she’s so much better than everyone else. No sis, you are cut from the same cloth as everyone else…MESSY. And Jenn has always been a bit phony. I believe she did tell Tami Evelyn slept with Shaq while they weren’t friends. Jenn hated Evelyn for years after Evelyn tried to fight her. Of course she told Tami that. I just wonder if Ev and Jenn are still cool now that everything has been put on the table.

  8. I’d respect Tami being back on her bullsh-t again if she wasn’t trying to be holier than thou on the gram after every episode. That’s why I don’t like her anymore. She’s gotten really arrogant and acts like her sh-t doesn’t stink when she’s one of the messiest and childish b-tches on the show. I get that she has bonnet chronicles and some tv one movies on her resume, but her messy a-s acts like she’s Viola Davis. Annoying as f-ck. Humble yourself sis. If you had it like that you wouldn’t still be on no damn BBW anyway.

  9. Both Tami and Jenn are at fault if we are keeping it a buck. Think about it. Tami said this was told to her a year ago. Well a year ago, Evelyn was back on the show and Tami was faking like they were cool again. So how are you smiling in Evelyn’s face and plotting with Jenn at the same time? So Tami can’t call Jenn fake unless she acknowledges that she’s fake as well. And also, it’s clear as day that Jenn and Tami were both planning to go at Evelyn when Jenn came back on the show. Tami was willing to throw Shaunie under a bus to complete the mission. You can’t call Jenn a snake when you’re moving the same way. And next week is terrible. For Tami to say what she did about Chad is evil. All she’s doing is looking really pressed about Evelyn. I know people hate Evelyn but to pretend like Tami isn’t out here being extremely messy is a bit much right now.

  10. If you’re my real friend, you’re not going to keep a secret like this from me for a whole year. And to top it off, Tami went around telling everyone else what was said except Shaunie. That’s messed up.

  11. Tami is very delusional this season. From her believing Evelyn is jealous of her to her not realizing that she’s just as messy as everyone she can’t stand, I have just been laughing this whole season. I agree that this needs to be the last rodeo for her. She clearly has other income streams anyway so it’s not like she has to stick around anymore.

  12. I don’t understand how anyone can like Tami. Easily the most childish one on the show. The only likable people are Jackie and Malaysia.

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