‘Claws’ Recap: Uncle Daddy’s Plan to Take out Zlata Goes Badly + Greg Isn’t What He Seems

Desna gets a Maserati after opening the new clinic.

The episode opens with Uncle Daddy, and Bryce standing outside of Zlata’s opening of their new clinic. Uncle Daddy’s quite salty of Zlata doing this, but Bryce makes him feel better telling him he’ll treat him to Cracker Barrel afterwards.

Meanwhile, Zlata and Desna complete the opening ceremony although Ken isn’t there. Zlata then gifts Desna a brand new red Maserati. Desna takes the gift and hops in the car with Roller.

While in the car, Roller schools Desna to the plan Uncle Daddy has to take Zlata down. He also tells Desna not to tell Zlata, reminding her that they’re “family.”

“Zlata’s Zlata, okay? Uncle Daddy’s family, your family.” – Roller

Ken rats Zlata out to Arlene and Lucy.

Ken couldn’t make the grand opening because he’s been arrested by Arlene and her partner, and being questioned. They do their best to get him to talk, but he stays quiet. Ken even stayed silent when Arlene told him about a potential 30 year prison sentence.

When Ken sees the old lady that’s been hiding on him and Arlene notes she’s ready to talk. This prompts Ken to snitch.

“It was the Russians!” – Ken

Poly tries to get Marnie to hang out on the weekend. But Marnie’s boyfriend wants to take her to an African book festival. Poly asks to come and Marnie declines. Marnie also dislikes the “breakfast” Poly packed for her.

The girls seem jealous of Desna’s gift.

At the shop, Ann’s giddy that she patched things up with Arlene, and the girls notice. Desna arrives in the shop in the Maserati and everyone takes notice. The girls believe Greg got the car for her.

“Who did you have to blow to get that?” – Virginia

Desna revealed Zlata got her the car.

“You eat from the tuna can?” – Virginia

Desna says she only likes men, and tells them that Zlata’s treats her the way she’s supposed to be treated. All of Desna’s girls asks how they’re supposed to get a car like hers, as they work hard for Zlata too.

“It’s a management thing.” – Desna

Poly says that she’s a manager too of She-She’s so Desna tells her to take it up with Zlata. Everyone points out Desna’s snippiness, and Jenn points out the big bouquet of flowers sent by Greg.

Poly then brings up Desna telling Zlata about Uncle Daddy’s plan. Desna’s adamant that Zlata’s on their side. But the girls just don’t see it.

So Desna promises them she will try to talk Uncle Daddy out of the plan.

Arlene and Lucy get Ken to agree to wear a wire.

After Ken revealed the news Arlene wanted, they convince Ken to wear a wire when he talks to Desna and Zlata. Ken also gets them to supply him with Tums and a cool nickname.

Desna keeps her promise to talk to Uncle Daddy. Uncle Daddy is adamant about taking Zlata out at the golf game. Uncle Daddy makes a vulgar reference at how Desna’s on Zlata’s side.

“How does that soviet tittie milk taste? Creamy?” – Uncle Daddy

Desna tells him that Zlata and the Russians aren’t playing. She also notes that she doesn’t care if Uncle Daddy gets taken out, but she doesn’t want anything to happen to anyone she cares about.

Uncle Daddy, however, is adamant about accomplishing this goal.

“The south lost once. I bet it won’t lose again.” – Uncle Daddy

As Uncle Daddy leaves the table, Desna angrily crumbles a paper towel.

Zlata shares her thoughts on family and loyalty.

Desna returned to the salon frustrated, telling the girls that he won’t listen. Virginia asks again if Desna even cares.

“I’m just saying, Uncle Daddy ain’t give you no car.” – Virginia.

Suddenly, Zlata stops by the shop to tell them about the performance. She tells everyone about the male revue that’s happening at She-She’s, which she calls Hamer and Pickle.

Desna gets taken aback when it’s brought up that Dean will perform as a featured dancer. Although Desna says he’s not ready, Poly takes up for him. Zlata then tells Desna that she cares about Dean’s well being because she cares about Desna. She even calls her family, which Jennifer scoffs at.

“Wasn’t Riva family?” – Jenn

“Riva was blood. That’s makes her related. Loyalty… Loyalty makes you family.” – Zlata

This notion from Zlata causes Desna to tell her about Uncle Daddy’s plan. Zlata thanks her for this information, as Jenn looks on with disgust. Desna walks a fine line, asking to arrange a sit-down between Uncle Daddy and Zlata.

Meanwhile, Dean struggles handling his choreography as the featured dancer. Poly does her best to coach Dean, but he remains timid and nervous.

Greg checks Uncle Daddy, again.

Uncle Daddy’s hellbent on taking Zlata out. So Greg stops by to see him behind a warehouse. Uncle Daddy demands that Greg has his crew make a move on Zlata. Greg tells him to not make a move until Zlata opens all of her pill mills.

He also notes Uncle Daddy’s appearance and smell. Uncle Daddy asks if he can ignore Greg’s request, and Greg’s henchmen points two machine guns at him.

Back at the shop, Roller’s getting his eyebrows done by Desna, and Roller’s showing off baby pictures. When she gets an emergency text from the new clinic, she runs out and Jenn takes over. While working on his eyebrows, Jenn asks if he’s talked to Bryce.

She then asks for help to talk Bryce into calling off the divorce. Roller gets really honest.

“Well, you both done changed. You need to accept that.” – Roller

A drunk Uncle Daddy and Toby make hotel bar guests uncomfortable.

In a hotel bar, Uncle Daddy’s drunk and depressed with Toby, who’s in his s&m gear. Uncle Daddy’s not only drunk, he’s sad and drunk.

“This here is the face of a man who lost his mojo.” – Uncle Daddy

When Toby tries to leave for the bathroom, Uncle Daddy forces Toby to kiss him in the mouth, which disgusts a few men in the bar.

The new doctor Stephanie gets inspiration from Desna.

Desna arrives to the new clinic only to find her new doctor Stephanie locked in her office. The doctor is freaking out over her friend being arrested for running a pill mill. Desna calms her down, once inside the office, by telling her to decline clients until the heat calms down. She’ll take the heat and explain everything to Zlata.

She does warn Stephanie to step it up, however.

Ken’s mom Marilyn shows up for dinner.

Poly arrives home to see Ken’s mother Marilyn, which surprises her. Marilyn wants to have dinner with Poly and meet Marnie. Marnie arrives at the house with her boyfriend Malik. Poly doesn’t want to have the dinner, and everyone seems to be okay with it.

This irks Poly who asks Ken how fast Jews eat.

Uncle Daddy’s wife Juanda inspires him to fight.

Back at the bar, Uncle Daddy’s visited by his wife’s spirit. She’s in the last outfit she wore alive, with her wounds present.

“The Clay I knew would have shown those boys the pain already.The Clay I loved would clean that debris right on up, with a quickness too.” – Juanda

Uncle Daddy tells her it’s been real bad since she died. Juanda looks at the fratboys at the bar and tells him to attack them.

When Uncle Daddy snaps out of it, the fratboys call him out and call him a [expletive]. This leads to a brawl where Uncle Daddy takes them all down.

This move inspires Uncle Daddy to take care of business himself.

“Ain’t no sense in waiting; Can’t let our fore daddies down.” – Uncle Daddy

Dean and Desna are getting ready for Dean’s big night. He’s not really nervous, thanks to advice Virginia gave him.

“Virginia told me to picture everyone in their underwear. She said that’s what she used to do.” – Dean

This causes Desna to chuckle a bit. Dean brings up how he and Virginia invited Greg to the club. Desna tells him that he may not stay long as he has a C-Section surgery.

Bryce learns of Uncle Daddy’s new plan, and Poly gets nervous.

Uncle Daddy and Bryce are talking at the big shrimp. Bryce learned Uncle Daddy’s prepared to attack Zlata at the club. They can’t get in touch with Roller because he’s dealing with his son having the flu.

At dinner, Poly’s eating with everyone when Marilyn wants Marnie to pray over the food. Poly disputes but Marnie gets her way. Marnie’s prayer speaks to black male oppression. This freaks out Poly, who tries to beatbox. However, she ends up spilling drinks and knocking a candle down, which caused a small fire.

Poly then nervously brings up Marnie changing her hair color to red. This conversation causes Marnie to bring up Poly’s sister. Poly get’s nervous when Marnie brings up her twin sister, leaving the table.

Marilyn follows behind to ask about her nervousness. Poly tells her that she wants to just spend quality time with Marnie, but Marilyn thinks it more.

Marilyn tells Poly that she needs to figure out what’s clashing inside of her, in order to finally connect with Marnie.

Bryce stands firm on having a divorce, and Greg proposes to Desna.

Jenn and Bryce exchange their kids in the salon parking lot. Bryce presents Jenn with divorce papers and Jenn says she wants to go back to the way things were.

Bryce doesn’t budge from his feelings, and Jenn tearfully takes the papers.

Greg has Desna for the evening and he’s taking her to the club. But first, they stop at the beach for a special moment. Once on the beach, Desna realizes what’s going on.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.” – Greg

He proposes and Desna passionately accepts, kissing him on the beach

Poly talks Dean out of not performing.

It’s almost time for Dean to hit the stage and Desna arrived with Greg on time. She shows off her new engagement ring and all of the girls are happy. Even Ann told Desna she’s happy for her.

Ann brought Arlene to the club as her guest. Dean’s called to the stage but he’s nervous.

“I thought that quickie would’ve calmed him down.” – Virginia

“Maybe it was too quick.” – Desna

Virginia keeps Desna from going backstage, telling her he will come out of it.

Roller gets the hang of being a dad.

Meanwhile, Roller’s trying to get a grasp of his son’s illness going off on the doctor over the phone. But eventually, Roller follows the doc’s instructions, getting his son to slowly stop crying.

Backstage, Dean is nervous and doesn’t want to go on stage. Poly stays in her madame character and demands Dean get it together. But it doesn’t work.

She then gets out of character, and motivates him.

“Don’t be the one to hold yourself back. Shine your light.” – Poly

Her words convince Dean who throws away his sound dampening headphones. He jumps on stage and performs with the rest of the men. His moves impress everyone and Desna’s proud of Dean overcoming his nervousness.

At home, Olga’s proud of Roller helping take care of their son. Roller got their son’s fever to break and stop his crying. He then sings to their son as he falls asleep.

Desna catches up with Dean to congratulate him and tell him Greg proposed. She promises to not change, but Dean knows differently.

“Change is inevitable.” – Dean

He’s okay with the engagement and he and Desna hug. The others come over to congratulate Dean for his performance, including Zlata. Zlata then congratulates Desna and Greg on their new engagement.

Uncle Daddy tries to take out Zlata, and Bryce gets shot.

Meanwhile, Uncle Daddy called Roller to let him know he’s missing out on the fun of going after Zlata.

“Alright boys, lets kill us some Siberian s***holes.” – Uncle Daddy.

Ann and Arlene are spending personal time together in their van when they see Greg leaving early. This inspires them to head home for more privacy.

Poly arrives home to see Ken hunched over their toilet. He manages to tell her that Marnie and Malik went out for ice cream. Poly says Marnie’s slipping away, but Ken refutes this, saying she’s just making friends.

Ken begins to vomit again when Arlene’s partner Lucy texts him.

“Clock’s ticking, Ken.” – Lucy

Uncle Daddy arrives to the club pretending to be drunk, walking past Dean and Virginia. Once in the club, Zlata’s singing karaoke when Uncle Daddy interrupts. As Uncle Daddy begins his slurred speech about how the club used to be his, Bryce and the crew take out a few of Zlata’s men.

A shootout ensues as Zlata still sings. Suddenly more men come out taking out Uncle Daddy’s men. Zlata then takes a gun from her dead henchmen’s body, and takes out the rest of the men. She ends up shooting Bryce in the chest.

Jenn screams.

Uncle Daddy, Jenn and Desna take a car to the hospital. Bryce does his best to stay alive. They get to the hospital and hand Bryce over to the nurses.

Jenn and Uncle Daddy run behind Bryce in tears.

When they leave, Desna runs back her promise to set up a sit-down with Uncle Daddy and Zlata in her head.

She’s furious.

Desna catches Greg cheating on her with Zlata.

Desna then stops by Zlata’s to talk to her about what happened at the club. When she arrives, she notices the door’s unlocked and walks in. She heads to Zlata’s living room where she’s shocked to see Zlata there with Greg.

“She thinks you love her!” – Zlata

Greg and Zlata share a laugh as he talks about how he proposed. Apparently he’s and Zlata have been playing Desna the whole time. Desna’s then brought to tears when Greg gets comfortable on the couch, exposing his bare butt for Desna to see. Zlata then goes down between his legs to service Greg.

Desna fights back her tears, covering her mouth as she hears Greg wince in pain then pleasure from Zlata’s efforts.

Still out of sight from Greg and Zlata, Desna quietly leaves in tears.


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