NFL Running Back LeSean McCoy Accused of Physically Assaulting Girlfriend (UPDATE)

Buffalo Bills running Back LeSean was just hit with multiple allegations of violent acts by a friend of his girlfriend.

Deilcia Cordon’s friend Mia posted photos of Deilcia to her Instagram page. One of the pictures is Deilcia in a hospital with blood running down her face.

An angry Mia accused LeSean of beating Deilicia, inflicting those wounds and placing her in the hospital.

Mia then accused LeSean of beating his son and their dog. And allegedly, the dog was beat to the point where it developed kidney failure.

Lastly, Mia also accused McCoy of steroid use, which is banned by the National Football League.

Check out Mia’s post below.

UPDATE: LeSean has responded to the accusations.

A post shared by Lesean Mccoy (@shadymccoy) on

TMZ is also reporting that LeSean and Deilcia have a son together. The site also claims that the relationship was contentious and the NFL star took her to court to get her removed from his home in Alpharetta, Georgia.

He also requested that the judge force Deilcia to hand back over his items that were in her possession.

Both were scheduled to appear in court today, but the hearing may be rescheduled because Deilcia’s lawyer’s family member had a medical emergency.

UPDATE 2: TMZ is now reporting that Deilicia’s injuries may have been caused by a home invasion.

Emergency personnel showed up to LeSean’s home early Monday morning and a call to 911 stated a woman was hit in the head at the residence during a home invasion.

They were also told the woman was also assaulted further and locked in a bathroom.

Apparently Deilicia’s family members believe LeSean allegedly is the one behind the attack.

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