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Kyndall Douglas Claps Back at Gizelle Bryant & Calls out Charrisse Jackson Jordan

For Gizelle Bryant, it hasn’t been easy dating Sherman Douglas, a former athlete.

Not only did he become distant after the media became interested in the relationship, but his ex wife Kyndall has made some appearances on RHOP.

Kyndall has called Gizelle out for dating Sherman. She claims she and Gizelle used to be friends, so it was shady for Gizelle to date her ex husband.

But Gizelle later claimed she and Kyndall were never friends. She never even had Kyndall’s phone number.

So Gizelle didn’t feel the need to talk to her about what she had going on with Sherman.

Regardless, Kyndall has a bone to pick with Gizelle.

In a recent interview with All About The Tea, Kyndall didn’t hold back.

I really don’t think about Gizelle at all. She isn’t even on my radar. But when presented with situations that involve her, I see self-serving and a true lack of fashion sense.

She also didn’t appreciate Gizelle calling her horse faced.

Why else would she make such a ludicrous comment unprovoked? I was also surprised by the fact that she proved that she wasn’t as dumb as I thought she was because clearly she recognizes a triple-crown winner when she sees one.

Kyndall also said that Charrisse was the one who pushed for her to be on the show, like Monique said.

Monique’s explanation is absolutely correct. Charisse has been plotting way before season 3 started shooting to get Gizelle back for what she said about her for having a fireman boyfriend.

During our private conversations… she would trash Gizelle and speak very poorly of her.

And just to be clear, Monique has never invited me to anything where Gizelle was in attendance. Her intentions were not malicious.

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Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.


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