‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Jennifer Fails to Provide Her Receipts to Shaunie

Evelyn gets real shady towards Tami.

The episode opens with Evelyn and Shaunie hanging out, shopping for Evelyn’s son Leo. While Shaunie asks about Evelyn trip to Puerto Rico.

When Shaunie picked up a pair of pants, showing them to Evelyn, Ev used it to take a shot at Tami.

“That’s Fucci. That’s some s*** Tami would wear. I said it.” – Evelyn

Shaunie feels it’s a good time to change the subject, telling Evelyn that her boys want to move into their own place as Shareef’s starts college soon.

Her motherly instincts are kicking in, and she wants them to focus on school and not on the girls. Shaunie’s concerned as they feel some of these girl’s thot instincts start at a young age. Shaunie jokes with Evelyn about needing her “connections” to keep tabs on Myles and Shareef.

“Girl, the hoes start early.” – Shaunie

“Let me know what you need girl. I got people with databases. You need me to background check somebody? I got you.” Evelyn

Malaysia invites Jackie to meet Officer Norman.

Jackie heads over Malaysia with a bottle of wine as a gift. Malaysia tells her about her talk with Janero Jr. and will talk to Officer Norman from Arkansas. He’s a police officer with a large media presence and, Malaysia sent a message asking to meet.

Malaysia asks Jackie to meet him with her as she’s nervous due to her phobia of police.

“I hope I can go through with this.” – Malaysia

Cece and Kristen are still icy with one another.

Later on, Jackie and Malaysia invited CeCe and Kristen out for a beer tasting. Cece and Kristen have been icy towards one another since their last time meeting up.

During the conversation, Cece gets caught up lying about why she didn’t invite Kristen to her birthday dinner.

“I didn’t think we haven’t been feeling some type of way…” – Cece

Jackie brought them together to invite them to film a PSA against police brutality. That changes the mood, and both Cece and Kristen agree to show up.

Kristen asks Jackie if Jennifer’s invited and she says yes.

“I feel like Jennifer’s on an island and I’m the only one who visits her.” – Kristen

Malaysia isn’t here for Jennifer and leaves the conversation when Jennifer came up, confusing everyone at the table.

Jackie is shocked to see Kristen and OG squashed their beef.

Jackie’s at the production shoot with her production team, setting up. Everyone Jackie invited come to the set and say their part. OG and Kristen congratulate Jackie for even setting up the PSA. Jackie’s also shocked to see Kristen and OG putting their differences aside.

This gives Jackie hope that the other women would do the same. Jackie also invites OG to her party for the PSA.

Meanwhile, Shaunie and Tami meet up at a bar. It’s the first time they’ve hung out since Shaunie’s ponderosa. Shaunie’s says she will not longer be in-between Evelyn and Tami’s beef.

She asks about Tami’s relationship with Reggie, and Tami revealed she’s having second thoughts. Shaunie tells her just to go along with the engagement.

“Just put the ring on, child. You can stall out the wedding part.” – Shaunie

She then tells Tami that she’s done with Jennifer. Tami’s on the same page with Shaunie.

“I would consider Jenn as one of the thirsty ones.” – Tami

Jennifer tells Kristen that she has receipts of her own.

Kristen heads to Jennifer’s island to hang out. She wants to support Jennifer any way she can.

Kristen tells Jennifer the situation between her, Shaunie and Tami is petty.

Jennifer tells Kristen that Tami plotted, bringing up Jennifer’s fake tea a year later to create a wedge between her, and Evelyn and Shaunie.

She also tells Kristen that she has receipt via text messages about conversations Tami had talking badly about Evelyn and Shaunie.

Kristen asks if the “cracked phone” full of the texts will show up at the event.

“I will pull it out if necessary.” – Jennifer

Officer Norman helps Malaysia ease her anxiety towards police.

Jackie and Malaysia head out to meet Officer Norman. When Norman arrives, Malaysia begins crying.

“I feel like I see his uniform through his clothes. feel like I’m betraying my brother.” – Malaysia

Jackie consoles her enough to get Malaysia to talk to him. Officer Norman tells Malaysia he has a big heart. He wants to listen to Malaysia, in an effort to change her thoughts on police.

Malaysia tells him the story behind Dontae’s death.

“Why shoot to kill? If a boy’s running, he’s running because he’s scared.” – Malaysia

Officer Norman explained how he feels police need to do a better job policing their communities, getting to know people in those places.

Malaysia feels their conversation went well as the two of them share a hug.

Shaunie shuns Myles and Shareef’s plans to move in with one another.

Myles and Shareef have Shaunie out furniture shopping.

“I have agents mom.” – Myles

“I am here to produce basketball talents, and Myles’ here to talk.” – Shareef

“I will not be signing any contracts.” – Shaunie

Shaunie’s nervous about Shareef heading to the NBA, following in Shaq’s footsteps in the league.

Overall, Shaunie tells them both that she’s going to be around no matter what they do, and she didn’t agree to buying furniture.

Shaunie reveals she’s still cold towards Jennifer.

It’s the night of Jackie’s PSA party. Malaysia and Kristen hang out at first. Malaysia explains to Kristen that she’s not feeling Jennifer at all. She feels duped by Jennifer’s apparent intentions.

“With Jenn, I didn’t know she was a conniving snake.” – Malaysia

Kristen wants to get information from Jenn before making a decision. Shaunie comes over just as Kristen was going to tell Jennifer about her “cracked iPhone.”

Shaunie says she saws their original text message thread where Jennifer came up with the idea originally to tell her the fake rumor.

Kristen feels that Tami holds just as much blame as Jennifer regarding this rumor.

Tami shows up next, despite not wanting to be around most of the other ladies. Jennifer shows up by herself as Evelyn doesn’t decide to show up. She sees the other ladies and wonders if she’s the topic of the conversation.

“I wonder if they’re talking about me? I’m usually the topic of their conversations.” – Jennifer

She heads over to the ladies and most of them give Jennifer the cold shoulder. Jackie welcomes Jennifer to her event.

Jennifer fails to provide her receipts in trying to defend herself.

Shaunie brings everyone together and she asks Kristen why should is she more mad at Jennifer than Tami.

Jennifer jumps into the circle, and comes for Tami. Malaysia jumps into the conversation, frustrated with how her name was brought up to bring up the rumor to Malaysia. Shaunie corroborates Malaysia’s thoughts.

So Jenifer decides to bring out the cracked phone looking for the text messages. Tami pulls out her phone too, showing her receipts.

Jennifer struggles to find the text messages. When Tami tells Jennifer the correct date, Jennifer can’t find them.

“That was a year ago, and I really don’t remember…” – Jennifer

Malaysia goes off on Jennifer over the text messages. Tami jumps into it, defending herself. Jennifer tries to confront Tami about being the originator of the rumors, but Tami doesn’t budge from her stance.

“We had a conversation about it, because you said it, b****.” – Tami

Jackie’s getting frustrated about everything because Jennifer and Tami are arguing, and drawing attention.

Shaunie tells Jennifer to own up to everything. But, Jennifer still blames Tami for bringing it up to the group.

“You haven’t admitted to nothing, because you’re too thirsty, and you’re trying to save your own a**.” – Tami

Jackie catches Tami losing her temper and tries to pull Jennifer away.

“You still look like trash and you look like you’re still on food stamps.” – Jennifer

The episode ends with Tami trying to confront Jennifer physically.

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