Claws Recap: Polly Has a Mental Breakdown + Desna Goes Along With The Plan

Roller rekindles his flame with Desna.

The episode opens with Desna at a shooting range working on her aim. Roller’s with her giving her shooting tips. His tips help Desna nail a bullseye on the target.

Than suddenly, Roller gets emotional with Desna.

“D, I honest don’t know what I would do without you.” – Roller

Desna surprisingly back into her body.

“Hurry up. I have a fake wedding to plan.” – Desna

Lillian arrives at Poly’s front door.

Poly wakes up in her bed shocked to not see Ken next to her. She tries to wake up Marnie but it’s silent in the house.

She walks into Marnie’s room and sees a note on top of her neatly made bed. This freaks Polly out as she reads the letter.

“I know you have given me a lot, but I want to be with my mom. My ream mom. To paraphrase the great Malcolm X, “It’s time for this chicken to come home to roost. My moms changed, Polly, and I like it. It’s wrong for me not to forgive her.” – Marnie

After reading the letter, she breaks down crying, gasping for air. She’s trying to call Marnie as she desperately looks for her inhaler.

As if things couldn’t get worse, her twin sister Lillian stops by saying she’s in town on business. She get’s really shady towards Polly.

“What do you call that shade of red? Cry for help?” – Lillian

Polly shuts the door on Lillian and keeps knocking.

“Playing games with me again? I came a real long way to see you Polly.” – Lillian

Even lovemaking can’t calm down a frustrated Dean.

At a loud and raucous motel, Dean struggles to keep calm. Virginia does her best to keel him calm amidst the loud, banging sounds coming from the other rooms.

Virginia offers him Cheetos, which he rejects. She then offers to have s*x and he agrees to that. But when she gets on top, Dean loses focus on Virginia when he sees mold on the ceiling.

Desna’s driving when Zlata calls. Zlata proposes to Desna that they become partners in running clinics all over the state. However, Desna tells Zlata she wants to keep their plan the same; to marry Greg and Zlata kills Greg.

“I like our plan as it is.” – Desna

“Well think about it. We could be like Putin and Trump.” – Zlata

Jenn and Bryce look forward to buying a home in Tampa.

Bryce and Jenn are happy. He’s checked out of the hospital and excited to move to Tampa. He pointed out a home in Tampa with an AA center near by. This impresses Jenn, but she isn’t sure if Bryce is ready to split from Roller and Uncle Daddy.

“You mean you’d really peace-out on Roller and Uncle Daddy?” – Jenn

“I mean this means they gotta learn how to use e-mail. But, yeah…” – Bryce

He’s adamant about making the move and set up a meeting with a bank’s loan officer.

They get the kids excited on moving to Tampa by joking with them about taking them to Busch Gardens.

Lillian follows Polly to the salon.

At the salon, Polly’s still panicked with Marnie leaving. Desna tries to keep Polly calm, telling her Marnie’s just with her mom.

Polly still worries as she says she even learned how to make bean pies for Marnie.

When Desna gets Polly calm, Dean comes in before he heads to work. Desna tries to convince Dean to return home, but Dean brushes Desna off.

“Unfortunately, because of your horrible life choices, that’s no longer an option for us.” – Dean

Polly begins crying again and heads outside, going off on Dean’s “Cherry Pop” move.

When Polly heads outside to smoke a cigarette and call Marnie, Lillian pulls up in the alley. Polly panics when Lillian walks toward her.

Polly pushes Lillian and Lillian gets sassy.

“You’re still holding a grudge over that boy. That’s very CW-ish.” – Lillian

Greg’s mom lays down the law.

Meanwhile, Desna and the rest of the girl’s head out to her dress fitting. In a panic, Polly decides to stay behind. Once every one leaves, Lillian appears knocking on the shop door.

Lillian finally came inside and she still taunts Polly. Ken calls pleading for Polly.

“You know what you did.” – Polly

“That sounds familiar.” – Lillian

Desna heads to the dress store and they decide to have a ball trying on dresses. But just when they decide to try on the fun expensive dresses, Marcille, Greg’s mom shows up demanding Desna to try on the dress she picked out.

Roller and Uncle Daddy are celebrating with their Georgia cousins after a successful sale of cocaine. Uncle Daddy begins to plan an expansion of their pill operation.

Roller suggests they buy taco trucks to sell their pills. But Clint suggests they open an out-patient facility to compliment their clinics.

Roller jumps up and suggests a location for the out-patient rehab and they all head to check it out.

Desna and the girls are having a good time trying on expensive wedding gowns, and drinking champagne. However, this irritates Marcille to no end. So, she shuts down the party.

“Try on that gown, now!” – Marcille

It’s revealed Lillian’s imaginary.

Polly’s doing Lillian’s nails and Lillian’s impressed with her work. Lillian’s able to finally get Polly to talk to her. She asks Polly about her relationship with Ken.

She says Ken’s an ex and Lillian turns the conversation to Polly’s prison term. Polly’s not interested in talking, but that doesn’t phase Lillian.

“It’s a time I don’t like to think about.” – Polly

“There’s a lot you don’t think about.” – Lillian

She then tries to bring up their parents to Polly and Polly shuts down the conversation.

A woman walks in into the shop, and suddenly, Lillian disappears. Polly screams at Lilian which scares off the client. Polly then heads outside.

Desna tries on the dress Marcille pulled out for her and she’s emotional about it. When she shows off the dress to Ann, Jenn and Virginia, she begins to shed tears.

Marcille sees Desna in the dress, and she says, “Perfect.”

Desna learns about Greg’s other business ventures.

Next, Greg and Desna are tasting desserts. Greg tells her to pick everything. Desna gets shocked when Greg tells her he owns the hotel they’re in.

“You have no idea what I have in store for you.” – Greg

“I bet.” Desna

They share a kiss as Greg runs off again, and Desna smirks as he walks away.

Polly’s at the beach by herself, telling herself everything will be okay.

Meanwhile, Desna calls Zlata about what Greg owns. Zlata tells Desna Greg owns just a racetrack, convention center and boat docks.

Desna then continues to brush off Zlata’s request, but Zlata ramps up the pressure. She tells Desna to make her decision to make up her mind tonight.

“Make up your mind.” – Zlata

Bryce and Jenn are denied a home loan.

Roller takes Clint and Uncle Daddy to a 15,000 square foot building. They hear a bell ring which aggravates Uncle Daddy. The building is next to a school.

Clint comes up with an idea to buy a building next to Sun Coast. This decision impresses Uncle Daddy.

Bryce and Jenn head to the back to talk to the loan officer Karen. When Karen arrives, Bryce and Jenn’s enthusiasm fades.

“In a Bradenton Bank first, we are going to have to deny a cut, white, young couple a home loan.” – Karen

She notes that Bryce’s criminal record and Jenn’s $12/hr job are enough red flags to deny the loan.

Desna arrives at Greg’s clinic and is greeted by one of his nurses. The nurse lay the compliments on thick and allows Desna to head into Greg’s office.

Once inside, she searches for documents pertaining to Greg’s properties.

Desna had to break a lock to one of his desk drawers, which held to documents. When Desna lays eyes on the documents, she realizes she hit the jackpot marrying Greg.

“D*mn he own’s all this s***? Bingo.” – Desna

She begins taking photos of the documents, watching the door.

Bryce and Jenn do their best to convince Karen to give them a home loan.

After receiving a denial at first, Bryce and Jenn do their best to tell Karen, the loan officer, their story. They reveal the Bryce got out of the hospital from being shot by the Russian mob. Jenn also said Bryce saved her from her stalker Hank. Lastly, the tell one another they love each other and share an embrace in front of Karen.

Despite their best effort, Karen still denied their loan.

Out of anger, they take all of Karen’s lollipops and pens she gives out.

Roller, Uncle Daddy and Clint head into Hank’s establishment and they offer to buy his shop. The trio aggressively offers to purchased to buy the shop, with help of Roller’s pistol. Uncle Daddy says they are paying no more than $25,000.

Uncle Daddy calls Bryce for him to come by and force Hank to sign the papers.

Bryce finally takes out Hank.

Polly’s doing her best to get away from Lillian, but Lillian is right by her side. Lillian tells Polly that she needs to face their truths and not recreate their relationship with Ken and Marnie.

“You will never have a real relationship until you face what happened.” – Lillian

Bryce walks in Hanks’ place as Roller has a gun pointed in his neck. Hank eventually signs the paperwork transferring ownership, and Roller tries to shoot Hank again. Bryce demands Roller put down the gun.

Hank shows his gratitude by taking one more dig at him and Jenn.

“I never thought you’d be so kind to me after I ate your wife’s sweet p****.” – Hank

These were Hank’s last words as Bryce surprisingly stabs Hank in the neck with an ink pen, killing him.

Uncle Daddy and Clint were splashed with blood gushing from Hank’s neck.

Polly suffers a mental breakdown.

Next, Roller runs into Desna and he vents about Clint having Uncle Daddy’s attention. He also declares to take back what’s his in Desna.

“What happened this morning doesn’t make me your business.” – Desna

Polly ends up back at the salon with Lillian in toe. Ken also arrives, still pleading for Polly to take him back.

Ken randomly sings to Polly, playing a recorder. However, Polly still envisioning Lillian. As Ken talks, Lillian is in Polly’s ear aggravating her.

Polly throws out insults at Lillian but no one else sees Lillian.

Desna and the girls pull up and see Polly yelling, calling out and cussing at Lillian Desna seems to know what’s going on.

Polly convinces Desna and the girls to take them to the hospital, with Ken tagging along.

“I need you to take me to the hospital. It’s happening again.” – Polly

Ken tells Desna he’s the snitch.

As they’re waiting on Polly’s diagnosis, Ken finally admits to everyone that he was the one with the wire. Desna responds by pushing him and cursing at him.

Ken tries to explain to Desna the he had not other choice, but she doesn’t listen. Eventually, the doctor arrives and tells Desna that Polly’s having a psychotic episode and needs to stay in the hospital for evaluation. When everyone goes to see Polly, Desna tells Ken to wait in where they are, calling him a snitch.

Uncle Daddy are in their hideout with Bryce, Clint and Roller. Despite everything that happened, Bryce is still adamant about heading to Tampa. He tells Uncle Daddy about what happened with the bank, and Uncle Daddy responds by giving him the money to buy the house.

“That’s your home loan. You’ve been approved by the bank of Uncle Daddy Big Bucks.” Uncle Daddy

In the hospital room, Polly explains about her sister Lillian. Polly tells them how Lillian fell through ice at 13. She tried to save her but, couldn’t.

However, Lillian returned. She forced Polly to tell the truth. Polly caught Lillian kissing Daniel Wyatt, and it angered her. She finally revealed to Desna that she pushed Lillian, causing her to fall trough the ice.

This all caused Lillian to go away. Desna tells her that she doesn’t know what could’ve happened and it was an accident. Lastly, she tells Polly to move on, yet Polly’s disappointed in who she is.

“Polly Pol, we are all broken.” – Desna

“I wanted to be great. I spent my whole life reaching for greatness. We’re never be more than ordinary.” – Polly

Desna flips the script on Polly, telling her that she’s way more than ordinary, as an excellent madam. She also tells Polly that she’s accepting their truth.

“We are criminals, Poly. It’s time we own it, and take what’s owned to us.” – Desna

“I like what you’re thinking.” – Polly

Desna apologies and Virginia does something real nice for Dean.

Virginia has a surprise for Dean. She brought Dean back to the room and shows him the work she did. Virginia cleaned the mold off the ceiling, and organized all of their belongings. His snacks are labeled and the bathroom is cleaned.

This impresses Dean very much.

“We can rely on anyone else. We have to rely on each other. Just me and you.” – Virginia

Just then, Desna pops over with flowers for their room. She wants to see how they’re doing.

“No matter what, I just want you to know your aren’t broken.” – Desna

She explains that she happy Dean and Virginia moved out.

Dean asks to walk her down the aisle in their fake wedding.

That make’s Desna cry as she and Dean hug it out.

The episode ends with Lillian visiting Polly once more. They do their old skating routine to Cyndi Lauper’s song, “True Colors.”

What are your thoughts of the episode?

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