RHOP Recap: Karen Goes off on Ashley + Ray Checks Michael

Ashley, Robyn and Gizelle are dressed up in costumes parked outside of Karen’s home.

Robyn gets out the car dressed as a pizza delivery man. She rings the doorbell about three times and no one answers. She leaves the pizza box on the door and they all hurry back to the car.

When they get back in the car, Robyn says she was able to see a purse on the kitchen counter.

But Ashley says in a green screen interview she’s still not convinced Karen lives there because she didn’t answer the door.

Candiace and Chris are looking over the invitations for their engagement party.

Her mother Dorothy is throwing it.

They are using a website that will create a digital invitation.

The subject changes to what’s going on with one of his baby mamas. Chris asked her to let the kids come to the wedding. He actually wants them to be involved.

Chris begins to get sad while discussing that his oldest son will most likely not be there. He hasn’t seen him in ten years.

Candiace feels Chris should try to reach out and tell his son why things turned out the way he did. As Chris gets emotional, she consoles him.

“I can’t believe at some point he won’t want to know you.” – Candiace

She kisses him on the cheek.

Karen and Ray catch up at home over breakfast made by Karen.

They discuss the France trip and Karen says she’s not worried about the drama with Ashley.

Her perfume is coming along and will be out soon.

Ray says that he handled his tax debt and that he was able to get the number down to a fair one. Karen says they should start celebrating.

Ashley goes to see her therapist.

Her marriage is discussed.

She tells her therapist they were doing okay but Michael now says he’s not sure about having kids with Ashley because of her mother Sheila.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says she’s older and doesn’t have time to keep playing.

“Honestly, I felt like I had been ran over by a bus.” – Ashley

The situation is very upsetting to Ashley and she feels it’s a very low blow.

The therapist says that Michael is saying that he really doesn’t want to have kids with her. This feels like rejection to Ashley.

A real conversation is needed for the couple.

Robyn and Juan are getting ready for their son’s birthday.

The family meets up at bowling and game place. Juan’s father comes in addition to Robyn’s parents and brother.

In a green screen interview, Robyn says she’s thankful that she and Juan can afford to make the day special for their son.

A little later, Robyn and Juan tell the family about what happened with the medium.

Juan and his biological father have formed a beautiful relationship and that makes Robyn happy.

As the kids ride go carts, Robyn and Juan tell their parents that the medium says that Juan’s mother wants to know why they aren’t back together officially yet.

Robyn’s mom says she wants them back together and so does Juan’s father.

In a green screen interview, Robyn says she’s taking her time in getting remarried to Juan.

It’s the day of Candiace and Chris’ engagement party.

Her stepfather Ronnie comes to the house. He’s been married to Dorothy since Candiace was five.

Candiace tells everyone that it’s looking like Chris’ younger kids will be in the wedding. He’s hoping he will hear from his oldest son as well.

In a green screen interview, Candiace says she used to be against marrying a man with kids but Chris made her reconsider because she realized he was special.

Dorothy jokingly says Chris will have three baby mamas when Candiace gets pregnant.

She then tries to give Chris a high-five and says they will get all the kids together eventually.

Candiace thinks her mom is just being shady because she’s a little salty that Candiace is growing up.

Ashley and Michael have a conversation about having a baby.

While making some coffee, Ashley and Michael discuss the France trip.

She tells Michael that Karen took shots at their marriage. Michael questions why Karen and Ray are renting their house.

Michael says he was reflecting on their marriage while she was gone. Ashley says she’s just asking for the possibility of him getting her pregnant.

But Michael says he hasn’t weighed the pros and cons yet. Ashley brings up that that they actually discussed having kids before they got married.

However, he feels that he needs to see that their relationship is stable again before trying to have kids.

“So give me a little more time, please?” – Michael

“Okay.” – Ashley

By her 30th birthday, Ashley is out if they haven’t reached a conclusion.

Everyone starts arriving to the engagement party.

Monique and her husband Chris arrive.

Charrisse and Karen arrive not too long after.

Ashley and Michael are en route to the party. They wonder if Karen and Ray will be more transparent about their living situation.

When they arrive at the party, Ashley gifts Candiace with a plant.

Gizelle and Robyn are on the way. Robyn wants to believe Karen lives in the Great Falls house. When they get there, they speak to everyone.

Chris thanks all the ladies for coming and apologizes for not having napkins at the BBQ event.

So he gifts them all with special napkins with their own names on it.

Ashley tries to speak to Karen but she gets ignored. She says it’s nice to see Karen wearing her ring and Candiace says she feels that was shade.

Karen then says Ashley needs to keep her name out her mouth. She then says Ashley is the biggest liar in the group.

“I don’t give a f*ck what you say. You give nothing but lies. You are a liar!” – Karen

After this is said, Ashley says this is a copout so Karen won’t have to be honest.

Meanwhile, Michael walks up to Ray and asks him if he and Karen are renting their house in Great Falls.

Ray goes all the way off.

Michael then walks up to Karen and the lades and said Ray was disrespectful towards him. Karen says that Ray told him right and he should mind his business.

Gizelle asks Karen if she got a pizza delivered to her house and Karen says she didn’t.

She claims she left the house a couple of days ago. The makes Ashley think she doesn’t live there.

Candiace gives a speech to all the attendees. She promises that the wedding will be “turnt.”

Season Wrap-Up:

There’s an update for all the ladies at the end of the episode.

Candiace and her mom are still beefing over her wedding budget. It’s now been set to $175,000. Dorothy wants more guests but doesn’t want to pay for them. It’s rumored Gizelle isn’t the only one who didn’t get an invitation.

Ashley says yoga has helped her and Michael have a better relationship. She also visited a fertility temple and prayed with a wooden p*nis.

Gizelle is looking for a new home for her, her kids and mother. Sherman is back in her life.

Monique is expecting her third child with Chris. Chris still hasn’t told his mother about the pregnancy.

Robyn hasn’t had any luck on her latest flip. She and Juan are now discussing getting remarried.

Karen is happy that Ray’s tax debt has been handled. She’s not wanting to move to Florida, which is what Ray wants to do. The pizza box was never found.


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