More ‘Insecure’ Season 3 Tea: Episode 1 Spoilers

Season 3 premiere of “Insecure” premieres Sunday. Many fans are excited for the show to return, and quite a few were able to see the first episode.

And boy, quite a few things happen in the first episode.

Issa finds a way to cope with Daniel’s player ways while living with him.

Daniel’s music career is stagnant. He has bitterness towards those who are succeeding. He feels resentful of not being where he thinks he should be.

Issa still has feelings for Daniel. In fact, she often picks up Lyft clients when he brings other women home. It’s her way to cope. 

Molly deals with familiar issues at her new job.

Molly is still dealing with Dro. However, she’s having a hard time getting him to understand what the boundaries should be for a friends with benefits relationship. He’s gotten too pushy. 

Professionally, Molly is now working at an all black law firm. She thought she would finally start to belong at work now that she’s working with other black lawyers, but she is shocked to learn that she still doesn’t quite feel like she belongs there either. 

Issa’s still not heard at her main job.

Issa is still not happy at We Got Y’all, and is dealing with the fact that her white coworkers are attempting to be more woke than she is. A situation involving the company’s logo makes it very clear to Issa that her voice still isn’t being heard by her boss.

Of course, Lawrence will not be making an appearance this season.

What are you looking forward to on Sunday?

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