‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Toya Clashes with Dr. Scott

Heavenly catches up with Damon.

She tells him about her blowup with Mariah at Simone’s leather and lace party. Damon says that he never cheated on Heavenly. He doesn’t understand why Mariah would say something mean about him.

In a green screen interview, Heavenly says that she doesn’t believe Damon has ever cheated.

Dr. Contessa realizes she would never be able to give up work completely.

Their daughter puts an entire piece of sushi in her mouth and chokes. Contessa cooly grabs her and turns her upside down, saving her life.

After the care, Contessa tells Scott she wants her daddy to come down to visit. He’s struggled with drugs. Her husband thinks he should come down and make some time up with Contessa.

Contessa breaks down crying and says she wants her dad in her kids’ life now that he’s off drugs.

Quad goes out with her Sister Circle costars Rashan Ali and Syleena Jackson.

She says they have quickly become friends.

At lunch, she tells them she feels judged when she’s with the other ladies of Married to Medicine. She says they haven’t contacted her since the reunion.

They switch the subject, and Quad wonders if she should file for divorce. She breaks down crying after she tells them Dr. G was in a hotel room with another woman.

Syleena says she’s going to pray for both Gregory and Quad.

Toya meets with Brian, her event planner.

Her birthday is coming up but she wants to focus on her husband Eugene.

She really wants to celebrate Eugene’s promotion at work. Toya is thinking about doing a medical theme.

They check out decorations for the event space.

Dr. Simone surprises Cecil with a blown up picture of herself.

She hopes it will turn him on. But Cecil would have preferred just having s*x instead.

“It’s been tough.” – Cecil

Simone says she needs to feel loved before they take it there. They have an upcoming counseling session with Dr. Ken. Simone feels like they still need a lot of counseling.

Dr. Jackie has an appointment with Eva Marcille.

She’s having a boy.

Jackie tells Eva to have s-x to make the last days more comfortable.

Heavenly has an appointment with Dr. K.

He is an anger management counselor.

She wants to learn how to manage her anger and get in control of her actions. They talk about Heavenly’s blowup with Mariah. She breaks down in tears and can’t understand why she can be so ugly to other people sometimes.

It’s the day of Toya’s event.

Dr. Simone and Dr. Heavenly arrive first.

Eugene has no clue that the party is for them. Quad is going to try to come but she has a previous engagement. Toya says she’s annoyed because she’s always been there for Quad.

Dr. Scott says Dr. Contessa has been tending to her father.

Simone gets Cecil’s attention with her s*xy nurse outfit.

It gets a little awkward when Mariah arrives. There is still tension between Mariah and Heavenly.

Heavenly gets a text from Toya who says that she and Eugene are getting ready to walk in. She wants everyone to say surprise.

When they walk in, everyone screams surprise.

Eugene is happily surprised and Toya congratulates him on his promotion.

Toya says that she’s disappointed that Contessa didn’t explain why she wouldn’t be coming in regards to her father. She feels Contessa has been acting phony.

Heavenly tries to speak to Mariah but Mariah jokingly says she doesn’t speak to dentists.

“I’m afraid to joke around with you.” – Heavenly

The husbands get together. Cecil says that he is still living in the other house and he and Simone are still getting counseling.

Curtis says he wants to make sure Dr. G doesn’t feel like an outcast because he’s been there.

Dr. Jackie gives him a cold stare in the green screen interview.

Toya has some tension with Contessa.

Quad’s constant absence is discussed.

Toya says that Quad is barely around anymore. The others agree.

Heavenly interrupts a woman who is trying to talk to Dr. Damon. She’s a blonde. Heavenly isn’t having it.

Not too long after, Scott says that Contessa couldn’t make it because she’s with her sick father. Toya says that she wises Contessa would have called her and Scott says that Contessa has a hierarchy of what’s important.

This upsets Toya and she says she has parents who have been sick too.

So Heavenly calls up Contessa to find out what’s going on. Toya talks to her on speakerphone in front of the party guests. Toya tells Contessa that it’s fine that she didn’t show up, cutting her off while she tries to explain herself.

Neither Scott or Eugene are happy about this.

They cut the cake. Eugene can feel the tension and he’s disappointed in Toya’s reaction to Contessa not being there.

Scott is feeling some type of way and says he’s not okay with anyone talking sideways about Contessa. He wants Toya to have the courage to say it in Contessa’s face next time.


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