Moniece Slaughter Files Police Report Against Princess Love

Princess Love and Moniece Slaughter are not going to be making peace anytime soon.

They have had issues for years now, and even Princess being pregnant didn’t stop Moniece from trying to throw a chair at her.

Recently Moniece told followers that they almost came to blows again while filming.

She claimed she told Princess to throw hands away from the cameras, and Princess was too afraid to do so. During the same incident, she claims Princess threw a rock at her, injuring Moniece’s hand.

The situation has now led to Moniece filing a police report against Princess.

Moniece tells law enforcement that Princess threw a rock and shoe at her while filming LHHH.

Princess tells TMZ that she did throw the rock, but Moniece started the incident by throwing a cake at her first.

Apparently Princess and Ray J. were at a friend’s party when Moniece showed up, and chaos followed.

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