‘Married to Medicine’ Husbands Beef: Dr. Eugene Throws a Little Shade at Dr. Scott

dr eugene from married to medicine
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The most recent episode of “Married to Medicine” placed some focus on the strained friendship between Toya and Dr. Contessa.

Toya threw a birthday party for herself, while also celebrating Dr. Eugene’s accomplishments in his medical career.

Despite the positive occasion, Toya could not hide her disappointment regarding Contessa’s absence from the party.

During her thank you speech, she shaded Contessa for not being there. This did not sit well with Dr. Scott, Contessa’s husband.

He checked Toya while she was on the mic and told her Contessa couldn’t make it because she had to tend to her ill father.

After Toya told Scott that she too has had to deal with sick parents, Scott clapped back that Contessa has a hierarchy of what’s more important to her. And her father trumps Toya’s shindig.

This was followed by Toya speaking to Contessa on speakerphone, in front of all the guests, which can be described as a very awkward conversation.

Dr. Eugene took to Twitter to address the situation and he seems to think it was suspect for Scott to be there if Contessa’s father was sick.

He also revealed to a fan of the show that the issues between Toya and Contessa are deeper than they appear.

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