‘Insecure’ Recap: Nathan Ghosts on Issa + Molly Clashes With Andrew

Insecure Season 3 Episode 7 Recap
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Issa goes crazy over Nathan.

Issa’s at home waking up from a dream where she lost her teeth. Nathan still hasn’t come around in a week.

So to distract herself from Nathan, she tries to go on with her day-to-day. This includes working on her block party idea. However, at every moment, she thinks of Nathan. This includes seeing Taye Diggs following her on Instagram.

She slips in the shower, after reaching for her phone, thinking it’s a text from Nathan.

Andrew’s date with Molly goes well.

Meanwhile, Andrew is with Molly out on a lunch date. He asks her why it took so long for them to go out, and Molly brings up how she felt embarrassed about she acted at Coachella.

Andrew brushes this off. Molly mentions she has to end their date soon for work, despite it being a Saturday. Andrew gets her to agree to another date, as they flirt with one another.

Lawrence plans on going to church.

Lawrence’s hanging out with Chad after playing basketball. Chad still wants to hit the club, but after his bout with Chl*mydia, Lawrence needs rest for church.

Of course, Chad questions Lawrence’s motives. Eventually, Chad agrees to go, under false pretenses.

“There’s mad b****es at church.” – Chad

Issa wakes up from that same dream losing her teeth. While in the mirror, Issa decides to post Instagram bathroom selfies of herself looking fly to get Chad’s attention. However the only attention Issa gets is from her brother Ahmal.

Later on while driving Lyft, Freida replies to the Instagram post too. Issa begins thinking about the decisions she’s made while hanging out with Nathan. This includes skinny dipping and busting it wide open on the Coachella Ferris wheel.

Inside a store, Issa’s scrolling down his IG page. She comes across his mom and confuses her for another IG thot.

So she tries to work on her block party, but she distracts herself and logs into her crew’s Instagram stalker page. After getting the password from Kelli, she writes Nathan, “You’re cute. Are you single? ?”

She quickly panics and deletes when she realizes she was actually logged into her real account.

While at church, Lawrence meets someone new.

Lawrence makes it to church with Chad and he’s into the pastor’s message. However, Chad’s scoping out the women. The pastor tells his congregation to stop worrying about IG likes, and focus on the love of Jesus Christ.

When the pastor asks people to recommit themselves to the Lord, Chad runs up in tears to the Pastor. This shocks Lawrence.

Taurean called Molly, telling her to postpone her case. He doesn’t trust Molly to run things on her own.

After church, Chad seems energetic after church and quickly heads off, leaving Lawrence alone. When he leaves, a woman walks Lawrence to his car.

Andrew rubs Molly the wrong way.

Molly meets up with Andrew for another date. She vents to Andrew about Taurean “micromanaging” her. Andrew gives her advice. Things turn to embarrassing things he told her, like auditioning for B2K, and kissing his boy’s girlfriend.

But he quickly lets Molly know that she told him that she slept with Dro while high at Coachella.

“Grime recognize grime.” – Andrew

“I’m not grimy and you don’t know the situation.” – Molly

She tells him that Dro led her to believe what they had was something different. Andrew then makes another harsh joke.

“A married man led you on? Wow.” – Andrew

This irritates her and she ends the date.

The next morning, Issa’s awaken by Roger, the building’s owner. He’s mad because she’s supposed to be meeting a plumber. While with the plumber, she discovers Nathan was recently tagged to new photo on IG; a client’s haircut. The client thanks Nathan for the fresh haircut. This infuriates Issa.

Meanwhile, Molly’s boss asks about Taurean. Molly says she doesn’t know where he is. She then tells him about the research she found. She asks to make her pitch without Taurean, and he agrees to it.

Issa’s get mad stalker-ish.

After the presentation, Issa calls Molly. Issa schemes by buying desserts to take to Andrew to see if Nathan’s home. They knock on Nathan and Andrew’s door and Andrew answers. He says he’s the only one there, but Issa runs in, pretending to need the bathroom.

Inside, Issa comes across his room, and begins to pace back and forth, debating on barging in. Downstairs, Molly warms up a dessert and Andrew makes another shady comment.

“I don’t know who the real Molly is, but are they all f***ed up?” – Andrew

Eventually, Issa makes into the room and noticed the room’s dissolved. She begins searching around and find his cologne bottle and then begins sneaking in his drawers. Issa comes across his Coachella wristband. She then tries to break into his computer.

Molly catches her trying to crack the password and drags her outside. She know Issa’s trying to sneak back in and tells her to forget Nathan.

“If he gets scared off because you were too real, than why would you want him, girl?” – Issa

Molly asks if the d*** was “that bomb,” and Issa thinks to herself yes. But she tells Molly Nathan made her feel really special.

Lawrence is hanging out with the woman he met at church. As they walk along the pier, he asks her about the Pastor’s message. She tells him that the message moved her about looking for a higher power.

Lawrence then learns she does a lot with the church.

Issa meets up with Lawrence.

The next morning, Issa wakes up with a headache and tired. However, she finally tells herself to move on from Nathan. The voices in her head stop as she takes a shower, appearing to move on.

She unfollows Nathan and blocks his number, deleting everything from her phone. Lawrence, meanwhile gets a text from Denise, the woman from church, about bible study.

Issa’s at an entrepreneurship workshop with her pitch for the Inglewood Block Party. Molly’s at work when Taurean passes. He says nothing to her. It’s clear he’s unhappy she made the presentation without him.

Outside the workshop, Issa runs into Lawrence. Turns out he’s the one who told her about the workshop at his work office building. They make small talk and Issa asks him out for coffee. They catch up about everything including Thug Yoda and Mrs. Trudy killing a woman’s Parakeet back at the Dunes.

Eventually, Issa tells Lawrence how she made it by herself, but it was hard for her. Lawrence tells Issa about church. He wasn’t sure if he’s feeling the church and Issa tells him to find another church if he wasn’t feeling the one he went to.

The episode ends with the two cracking each other up, joking about calling the block party “FUBU.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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