Watch: Heavenly Accuses Mariah of Cyber Bullying, Investigator Proves This is False

mariah and heavenly
Photo Credit: Face The Truth

Mariah and Heavenly won’t be friends anytime soon.

In fact, both confirmed that things nearly get violent later on in the season.

Apparently Heavenly tried to throw a chair at Mariah during an intense argument.

And on the most recent episode of “Married to Medicine,” Dr. Heavenly told her anger management therapist Dr. K. that Mariah reminds her of her sister. She does not get along with her sister.

She also revealed that she has a strained relationship with her mother. Heavenly’s mother never told her that she loved her.

These revelations may be one of the major reasons why Heavenly can’t seem to get along with Mariah.

Heavenly is also convinced that Mariah has created multiple fake social media accounts to talk trash to and about Heavenly.

Both appeared on Vivica A. Fox’s new talk show “Face The Truth” to discuss this. Heavenly revealed that someone told her Mariah likes to use multiple fake accounts for her dirty work.

An investigator looked into the claims. He investigated six accounts Heavenly believed were fake accounts run by Mariah.

The investigator discovered that none of the accounts were operated by Mariah. They actually belong to real people who watch the show.

When Heavenly was asked if she can understand that it’s likely that some viewers of the show aren’t fans of her behavior, Heavenly said she still believes Mariah utilizes fake accounts. She then said “several people” informed her that Mariah and Miss Lucy use fake accounts.

Check out the video below.

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