Watch: Quad Webb-Lunceford Says ‘Married to Medicine’ Cast is Jealous of Her

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Photo Credit: YouTube/Hollywood Unlocked

It’s over for Quad and Dr. G.

On the current season of “Married to Medicine,” Quad told the other women that the last straw for her was when a woman accused Dr. G. of having oral s*x with her in an Atlanta hotel room.

Greg denied the accusations but Quad believes the woman was telling the truth.

Interestingly enough, Quad revealed during her recent Hollywood Unlocked interview that she knew Greg wasn’t the man for her after Lisa Nicole Cloud threw a glass at her during an argument. Apparently Quad was considering leaving the show as a result, but she claims Greg wanted her to stay because he didn’t believe people would recognize him from the show if they left.

Quad then said that Greg became in love with fame and completely changed as a person. She also credits herself as the one who introduced him to the finer things.

Greg also upset Quad with his most recent comments during an interview.

She responded to his V-103 interview and said that she did not move into their guest bedroom two years ago, nor did they have a s*xless marriage.

Another interesting takeaway from the interview is what Quad had to say about the other ladies. Although she’s on good terms with Dr. Contessa, Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie, that can’t be said for the others.

In fact, she seems to think the other women are jealous of her success.

Here’s what Quad had to say:

But here’s the thing, I have a lot to lose, right? I’m on a talk show on a nationally syndicated network.

I am the owner of Picture Perfect Pups. Brand contributor of BCBG. Now you can purchase my book on Amazon dot-com.

When you actually think about all these things that I’ve been able to do, it can make some people uncomfortable. We all started at the same time so it could make some people uncomfortable. So I think they were trying extremely hard to bring me out of character so they could say, ‘Aha! That’s your talk show host. That’s you talk show host right there. Look at her. Look at her behavior.’

Quad was flat-out asked if the other women are jealous and she answered with this:

I think there’s a little of that there.

I mean they rested their loins on the show. If it’s gone tomorrow, Miss Quad is still winning.

You can watch the interview below.

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