LHHATL Star Bambi Checks a Follower After They Give Unsolicited Parenting Advice

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Photo Credit: Instagram

LHHATL star Bambi is now a first time mommy.

She gave birth to she and Scrappy’s son, Breland, just last month.

The reality star is enjoying motherhood. Social media has been offering plenty of well wishes left and right as the parents continue to post pictures of their baby boy to Instagram.

Unsolicited advice is where Bambi apparently draws the line though.

Recently, a photo of Breland enjoying a blanket was posted to Instagram.

A follower commented on the picture, and said that a sheet should be used to protect the child from having skin irritation.

This did not sit well with Bambi.

She let the follower know that she nor Scrappy asked for her advice. In fact, they should just stick to calling Breland beautiful.

After a couple of followers told Bambi she was overreacting and the follower was just trying to help, Bambi stood her ground.

Bambi made it clear that she’s not on Instagram in search of parenting tips, and she’ll get that from her family instead.

Do you think Bambi made a great point? Check out the screenshots below.

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