Toya Calls out Quad & Dr. Heavenly + Dr. Simone Has Had Enough of Quad

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Fans of “Married to Medicine” already know that there’s plenty of friction within the group.

In particular, Quad isn’t in the best place with a few of the ladies. And she’s been called out for not being around much at the beginning of the current season.

When Quad began to come around the group, some felt she wasn’t open enough about her split from Dr. Gregory.

Interestingly enough, Quad felt like the other women were badgering her about her personal life. At this point, she admits she feels more comfortable opening up to the women of “Sister Circle.”

Recently, Quad made an appearance on “The Real” with Toya and Dr. Jackie.

Things got tense after Quad complained that the other women have been too harsh on her. She then said that she didn’t start filming with the other women until episode 603 because she was busy working on “Sister Circle.”

However, Dr. Simone says that’s not the truth. She and Toya left the following comments on Toya’s Instagram account:

Toya is referring to some shady comments made by Dr. Heavenly on her after show vlog.

When Toya’s first scene came on, Heavenly shaded Toya’s weight.

I don’t look that big no more.

Heavenly said Toya has too much time on her hands.

I’ma go ahead and say it. Toya needs some sh*t to do. She needs to go back and get her vocabulary together. And then find her some sh*t to do.

Both she and Quad stated that it was wrong for Toya to test Curtis regarding the lap sitting incident from last season. Of course, Heavenly was not here for it.

Who the f*ck is she to give a test?

As for Simone, she just feels Quad isn’t being truthful. Simone had more to say on Twitter, too.

You can check out Heavenly’s after show vlog with Quad below.

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