‘Married To Medicine’ Recap: Heavenly & Quad Feel Mariah’s Black Love Party Was Shady

married to medicine season 6 episode 9
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Things are back to normal for Toya and Quad.

Quad stops by Toya’s place.

After the breakthrough they had at Dr. Jackie’s sleepover, the two women decide to catch up.

They discuss the fact that Eugene and Toya are in the middle of building their dream home.

Toya shows Quad the layout plan.

In a green screen interview, Quad throws some shade.

“Yes, honey. Come on Toya, come through. You better get you a two story closet. As long as them taxes paid. You better.” – Quad

The conversation changes to Quad moving into a four bedroom house. Toya questions if Quad needs the space. She throws some shade in a green screen interview.

“What is she giving the bedroom to each puppy? I’m just saying.” – Toya

But Quad assures Toya she will be fine because her family comes over plenty.

Overall, Toya is glad to have her friendship with Quad back intact.

Aydin updates Mariah on his status at work.

Mariah gets an alert that Aydin spent $3000. He tells her he paid for an exam to keep his career credentials up. He’s going to have to apply for licenses in other states if they decide to move.

It make Mariah uneasy to know Aydin is really considering relocating to another state so he won’t have to take a pay cut when the company he works for merges with another.

He had a meeting with the company and they offered him a longterm contract for about 3 to 5 years. But Aydin declined and only took the one year contract.

In a green screen interview, Aydin says he only took the one year contract because it’s a new company and he doesn’t know what their perks are just yet.

Luckily for him, Mariah is willing to move to another state if he’s not happy with the company after a year.

When it comes to states he’d want to move to, California is high on his list. However, Mariah feels like the cost of living there is too high.

Considering the cost of living, Aydin thinks that Texas would be the best option.

Dr. Scott and Dr. Contesa are trying to be normal again.

It’s been three weeks since Contessa got a mastectomy.  Dr. Jackie comes over to catch up and bring by a gift basket.

Since Jackie got a double mastectomy too, Contessa feels a connection to her.

It doesn’t take long for Jackie to ask if Contessa has been missing events to avoid Toya. Contessa says that’s not the case. She’s staying away until she can be vibrant again. But Jackie tells her she should get out of the house and take baby steps.

“Put your heels on. It’s time for you to come up out of here.” – Dr. Jackie

Contessa assures her she will come back around soon.

Toya and Eugene talk out their anniversary plans.

Both wonder if they should travel and Toya wants to go to Greece to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

They reminisce on their first trip together. The couple went to Cabo and Toya says they were wrong to have s*x before marriage. She says this around their sons and one of the boys laughs.

Of course last year’s group trip to Barbados comes up. Since it was full of drama, they were thinking everyone needs a do over.

Curtis wants to surprise Jackie.

After she comes home from work, he tells her to get dressed so he can take her somewhere special.

It’s their 16th anniversary.

He asks her to dress casually.

Towanda Braxton comes by Dr. Heavenly’s practice for an appointment.

Of course, after they wrap up, Heavenly asks her if she’s dating anyone. Towanda says yes and confirms she’s sleeping with him too. With her ex husband being salty she moved on, she still is happy with the relationship.

Curtis takes Jackie to a park where a table is set up very Paris like.

They went to Paris on their first couple’s trip.

Both sip on some wine and toast to 16 years.

In a green screen interview, Jackie says true forgiveness means no longer bringing up the past. She feels like she’s getting there.

It’s time for Toya to move forward in planning the group’s next couple’s trip.

Toya FaceTimes Dr. Simone.

She tells Simone that she wants to have a couple’s trip to celebrate her ten year anniversary with Eugene.

After they hang up, she calls Dr. Heavenly, Jackie and the others. It’s looking like Antigua may be the location.

The elephant in the room is Quad. When she calls Quad, Quad says she will go solo but she will make the trip therapeutic for herself. Toya admits to Quad that she doesn’t want to invite Contessa.

But Quad says it wouldn’t be right to not extend an invite to Contessa.

It’s the night of the Black Love Party.

As Mariah is getting her hair done, she asks Aydin to steam out her dress.

Everyone is supposed to dress as their favorite black couples. With Aydin being Indian, Mariah hopes no one will be offended. In a green screen interview, Mariah says she feels like she and Aydin are constantly being judged for being an interracial couple.

Simone and Cecil comes as Q and Monica from “Love And Basketball.”

Dr. Jarrett and her husband come as Will and Jada.

Toya and Eugene come as Steve and Marjorie Harvey.

Not too long after they arrive, Toya pulls Simone and Jarrett to the side to discuss her issue with Contessa. She doesn’t care if she’s the reason Contessa isn’t coming around.

“Bye b*tch.” – Toya

With the couple’s trip coming up, Toya isn’t sure that Contessa coming will even work out.

Minutes later, Dr. Jackie and Curtis arrive as Michelle and Barack Obama.

In a green screen interview, Simone says Curtis should have been Bill Clinton instead since he had a Monica.

Heavenly consoles Quad.

At Quad’s place, Dr. Heavenly arrives as Tina Turner. Quad doesn’t think this is a good try at the Black Love theme.

Regardless, Heavenly does her best impersonation of Tina on the stage.

Back at the party, Mariah and Aydin arrive as Cookie and Lucious Lyon.

In a green screen interview, Curtis says that Mariah is one cookie he’d like to have in his bag. Jackie gives him the side eye.

The men wonder who Quad can show up as. They still feel bad for Greg and Cecil says that Greg is having a hard time accepting the divorce is actually happening.

At Quad’s new place, she tells Heavenly that it was hard for her to prepare for the party knowing she’s going through a divorce. She cried in the aisle of a costume shop.

So she needed a moment to get herself together. Heavenly hugs her and Quad cries.

Quad has decided not to go to the party and Heavenly is happy to have an excuse not to show up as well.

The group learns Heavenly and Quad aren’t coming to the party.

Realizing that Heavenly isn’t there, Jackie calls Heavenly to see what’s up. Heavenly lies and says that she decided to stay at home and have s*x with Dr. Damon. Jackie knows she’s lying and knows she’s not there because she doesn’t like Mariah.

Mariah feels like this is messed up since she came to Heavenly’s crab boil at her house.

No one expects Quad to show up.

Heavenly tells Quad that she feels Mariah was trying to be messy by inviting Quad to the party. Quad agrees.

In a green screen interview, Heavenly says Damon doesn’t have to cheat and run out and get “a*s” like Aydin had to.

Back at the party, Mariah says that she wasn’t trying to be messy by throwing the party. She recites a poem she wrote for the event.

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