LHHH Season 5 Episode 13 Recap and Video Clips
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LHHH Recap: Nikki Lashes out at Solo Lucci + Teairra Confronts Brooke

lhhh season 5 episode 13

Photo Credit: VH1

Marcus and A1 catch up.

A1 says he’s been in a happy place since clashing with Ray J. Marcus then tells A1 that Roccstar came out to Ray’s event and claimed he slept with Lyrica. So the baby could actually be his.

But A1 says he’s not worried about it. Marcus is surprised by this and he’s close to looking sideways at A1.

In a green screen interview, A1 says he’s having his first child so he’s just focused on that.

They change the topic and A1 invites Marcus to the gender reveal party. But he tells A1 that Marcus can’t invite Brooke to the party. This disappoints Marcus but A1 says that Brooke has been causing too much drama.

“I’ma let Brooke know but that’s not cool.” – Marcus

The conversation gets interrupted by A1’s mom Pam. Marcus leaves them alone to talk.

Pam tells A1 about her recent blowup with Lyrica G. She’s also demanding more respect from A1. She feels like she was excluded from the first ultrasound appointment.

He’s not happy that she told Lyrica G. that A1 needs to take a DNA test. Regardless, A1 reminds her that this is the time for the family to end feuds and be peaceful.

Nikki, Moniece and La’Britney catch up over a massage.

Moniece explains why she’s not in a good place with Teairra. She doesn’t feel she should have to choose between K. Michelle and Teairra.

Teairra then pops up and interrupts the conversation in a confrontational manner.

Frustrated with everything, Moniece tells Teairra what Brooke showed her. But Teairra says she went to Houston to get some clarity from Akbar. It’s officially over now because she feels he was just trying to convince her to drop the lawsuit.

Fed up now with Brooke, Teairra plans to confront her soon.

Nikki goes off on Solo Lucci.

Solo Lucci and Roccstar are in the studio.

Lucci is recording a track.

In a green screen interview, Lucci says Roccstar invited him to the studio. Even though A1 doesn’t like Roccstar, Lucci doesn’t feel he has to choose sides.

After he wraps up, Roccstar tells Lucci that he’s going to deny anything happened with Lyrica to avoid more drama with A1.

Nikki and La’Britney pop up at the studio and Nikki checks Lucci for telling people they slept together.

She denies they ever slept together and Nikki accuses Lucci of being a broke poser who owes thousands to the strip club. She says he has no money and Lucci gets angry.

In a green screen interview. he says that he did sleep with Nikki but she’s acting like she’s ashamed of being with him.

Nikki and La’Britney storm off, and Lucci realizes that Marcus is the one who told Brooke about his fling with Nikki.

Princess and Lyrica catch up.

They talk about how hard labor was for Princess. She didn’t get an epidural and had to get a C-section last-minute.

Lyrica admits she never thought she’d become a mother. She’s urged by Princess to stay away from negativity so she can have a happy pregnancy.

When it comes to the gender reveal party, Lyrica invites Princess but doesn’t want Ray J. there. Princess understand this and apologizes for Ray’s behavior.

Brooke is also not invited, which makes sense to Princess as well.

Teairra confronts Brooke.

As soon as they lay eyes on each other, Teairra goes off. But Brooke stands her ground and says she only repeated what Akbar told her. She feels like it’s obvious that Akbar and Teairra still want to be together.

Outraged at this point, Teairra stands up at the table and security stands between them. Teairra says it’s her business when it comes to what she’s doing with Akbar. But Brooke says she has to move smart since she’s suing him.

After Teairra calms down and says she didn’t sleep with Akbar while she was in Houston. But she went to see him because she was emotionally vulnerable.

They both agree that their friendship is in a complicated place.

Before Teairra leaves, Brooke asks her if she’s going to contact Akbar again. Teairra tells her that it doesn’t matter what she does because it’s her business.

AD has reached her breaking point with Moniece.

Fizz meets AD at a bar.

In a green screen interview, Fizz says he’s not in a good place with Tiffany. But he’s not opposed to hearing what AD has to say.

When AD gets there, she tells him she’s frustrated with Moniece. The constant fighting isn’t good in front of Kam.

While Moniece was in London, Fizz says Moniece was very on edge. AD says she feels like Moniece just has a lot of anxiety.

He confirms he and Tiffany broke up the other day.

AD says that she knew the relationship wouldn’t last in a green screen interview.

The main issue for Fizz is that Tiffany wanted their kids to meet and he doesn’t feel Moniece is ready for that.

They agree to keep the conversation between them.

Shun Love goes with Apple Watts to drop her off at jail.

Apple is going to be there for 30 days.

She tries to keep Apple in good spirits by getting her a new apartment to come home to.

When Apple tries to bring up the fact that Shun’s conversation with her dad went left, Shun tells her to just stay focused on her career.

It’s the day of the gender reveal for A1 and Lyrica.

Both are very excited to find out the s*x of the baby.

Princess and Marcus are disappointed their partners were too messy to be invited. Marcus says it’s weird to him that A1 isn’t bothered by multiple men claiming they are the child’s father.

The moment they have been waiting for arrives. They are having a boy.

Fizz makes things right with Moniece.

Moniece and Fizz catch up.

She says she’s glad to be home from London. It’s an issue for her that Kam’s phone was off.

Fizz says she should have called him. Moniece says she did. But Fizz says Cam never picks up the phone while he’s with Moniece.

They change the topic. Fizz tells her that he broke up with Tiffany.

At this point, Moniece says that she will never date anyone who doesn’t respect Fizz. But he doesn’t seem to care.

The conversation gets tense when Moniece complains that she will never get away from the “deadbeat mom” label. She says she told Fizz to look over Kam when she was having struggles mentally. That wasn’t abandoning him.

But Fzz apologizes for accusing her of being a deadbeat.

“Thank you.” – Moniece

In a green screen interview, he says she’s made significant improvement.

The parents agree to be peaceful moving forward.

Lucci sets up a meeting between Roccstar and Marcus at the barbershop.

When Marcus gets there, Lucci explains that it’s messy how Marcus told Brooke about what happened with Nikki. The studio drama with Nikki was really shady.

Roccstar says it was wrong that Marcus went back and told A1 what he said about Lyrica. But Marcus says he would have been phony to not tell A1 who is his real friend.

Plus, he feels Roccstar should fault himself for telling his own business.

“You told your business.” – Marcus

Realizing they won’t ever be cool, Roccstar ends the conversation and both agree they won’t talk again.

Teairra is sitting in the park.

In a green screen interview, she says she’s tired of everyone judging her. She doesn’t form opinions when other people do stupid things. She wants the same respect.

After Akbar texts her asking to see her again, she texts back to name a time and place.

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  1. And What?

    October 16, 2018 at 10:52 am

    What Teairra fails to understand is no one really believes she didn’t leak her own tape. Still running to TX to be with Akbar gives validity to the people who already said she’s lying.

    • O-La

      October 16, 2018 at 11:13 am

      Exactly. This has been an embarrassing season for her.

  2. anony

    October 16, 2018 at 11:07 am

    Men lie and put bodies on women all the time. I believe Nikki.

  3. Mo

    October 16, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    This is exactly why Lisa Bloom will probably never take on a reality show case like this. Tearia maris is a weak spineles woman.

    I cannot believe she used her own s*x tape for a storyline. Only to still mess around with the dude you claim released the tape.

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