Shocking Accusations Come out About Quad Webb-Lunceford

quad and mariah relationship
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Well it’s pretty clear by now that it’s probably no hope for Quad and Mariah’s relationship to ever be restored.

Fans of “Married To Medicine” know both were best friends before the hit reality show landed on Bravo.

In fact, the show was created and pitched by Mariah.

Nowadays, Mariah and Quad have no interest in ever being friends again. In interviews, Quad stated that she felt things went left because Mariah became jealous of her success.

Then of course Mariah claimed that Quad used her to get on the show, and dumped her when more opportunities came her way.

Interestingly enough, a blogger seems to think the rift is much messier than both have admitted.

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