Keke Wyatt’s Ex-Husband Michael Jamar Has Something to Say…

keke wyatt husband michael jamar
Photo Credit: Instagram

Keke Wyatt’s now ex-husband Michael Jamar is sick of the claims Keke’s laying out regarding leaving her while their son battled cancer.

In an interview with TMZ, Michael laid out his own timeline of things involving the breakdown of their marriage.

Firstly, Michael claimed he filed for a divorce February of this year, after their son’s cancer was in remission. Secondly, Michael claims Keke’s been violating the terms of the divorce, including denying visitation.

It’s apparently gotten so bad according to Michael, that he has to have a sheriff with him with court paperwork just to spend time with their children.

Lastly, he’s preparing to sue Keke for defamation because he says he’s sick and tired of all of the lies she’s saying on social media.

Check out the full interview with TMZ below.


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