Yandy Smith Talks Strained Friendship with Kimbella

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Not too long ago, Kimbella put Yandy on blast in front of many.

She got fed up after Yandy wished her a happy birthday. According to Kimbella, she and Yandy don’t speak anymore. So she was confused as to why Yandy would hop on Instagram and send a message she could have sent Kimbella privately.

At this point, Kimbella thinks Yandy is fake. And only concerned about her public image.

But Yandy isn’t ready to write off the friendship for good.

During her recent interview with VH1, Yandy revealed that she’s just “fasting” from Kimbella.

When asked what the status is of their friendship, this is what Yandy had to say:

The current status of me and Kimbella’s friendship is no status, really.

We’ve always had an up and down relationship throughout our friendship.

But I’m the type of person that loves you regardless. If I loved you once, I’m going to always love you. And I look at Kim like she’s a sister But you know, sometimes you gotta take a break.

You need to fast, not only food, sometimes you have to fast people for your growth and mental clarity.

So I’m just fasting a little right now.

Check out the video below.


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