Future Threatened to Physically Harm Newest Baby Mama?

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Rapper Future appeared to expand his roster of baby mamas this year.

Not only is Bow Wow’s baby mama Joie Chavis pregnant with his child, a new woman came forward revealing she’s pregnant with his child.

This woman is an Instagram model known as Reign. Now with this pregnancy, Reign has a story to tell and it’s not a positive one. Over the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, Reign made a tough decision to come public with her pregnancy. In a lengthy post to her Instagram page, Reign decided to explain why she came forward.

Reign detailed how her alleged two-year relationship with Future wasn’t anything serious. She knew about Brittni, Joie and all of Future’s other relationships. However, Reign allegedly “played her part.” Around her birthday in September, Reign learned she was allegedly pregnant with Future’s baby.

According to her story, when she allegedly told Future about the pregnancy, he allegedly encouraged her to have an abortion. She understood that Future does not like to use c*ndoms and accepted that risk. Then she allegedly slept with him numerous times. But when Reign decided to keep their alleged baby, Future allegedly got angry with her. Not only did Future allegedly claim she tried to trap him, Reign claimed Future allegedly threatened to physically harm her.

She also says Future at one point allegedly said he should have a hit put out on her to silence her.

Despite this alleged threat, Reign felt it was in her best interest and safety to come forward with her story.

As of now, Future nor his reps responded to the story or Reign’s claims.

Check out her story below.

Interestingly enough, the post was removed from Instagram. In response, Reign posted the message she received when the post was removed from her account.


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