Kimbella Shades Yandy’s Unofficial Marriage to Mendeecees + Reveals Cause of Fallout

kimbella from love and hip hop
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When it comes to LHHNY, most fans can remember the explosive season in which Yandy clashed with Mendeecees’ baby mamas Samantha and Erika.

Things got so bad that Yandy’s sister ended up assaulting Samantha at the reunion.

Regardless, Kimbella had Yandy’s back and even got into with both women just to defend her bestie.

Another reason why the season was messy because it was eventually revealed that Yandy and Mendeecees were not legally married.

Well it looks like Kimbella has no problem shading Yandy about the unofficial marriage.

This is what Kimbella had to say:

For the record, Yandy Smith no Harris is not my friend. A couple of years ago, Yandy and I were feuding with Mendeecees’ baby mothers. At one point in time, Yandy invited me to show up, pull up rather, at Little Mendeecees’ birthday party, which I did.

But then when we both got caught up, she threw me, only me, under the bus.

After this is said, producers then flash back to the reunion from a couple of years ago in which Yandy said she had no idea Kimbella was going to pull up at the birthday party.

Kimbella then tells Jonathan and Cyn that she thought it was fake for Yandy to wish her a happy birthday on social media when they haven’t spoken in months.

Interestingly enough, Kimbella isn’t the only one with beef. Jonathan then reveals that he fell out with Juju because she made a shady business move.

Check out the preview below.

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