Amber Rose Says She Misses Being a Dancer

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When it comes to the current landscape of celebrity and pop culture, some of the biggest names got their starts from the strip club.

In fact, Cardi B is one of the hottest rappers out right now, and she’s never been ashamed of her past as a dancer.

Even after she was officially nominated for five Grammy Awards, she went back to her old club in one of her recent interviews.

She feels like her dancing past contributed to her current drive.

Interestingly enough, Amber Rose recently revealed that she actually wants to go back to her dancer roots at times.

She posted the following video earlier:


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And here’s what she had to say in the caption:

I won this money on a slot machine tonight….. but honestly, I wish I earned it at the strip club clapping my a*s. I miss the pole, the smell, the feel of it, the money falling on my body and the reaction I use to get as I walked on stage. Sometimes I wish I could go back but now I just clap my a*s in the privacy of my own home ????‍♀️

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